A Brief History Of Neal Adams (1941-2022)

Neil adams is a famous comic book artist and writer he was born on june 15 1941 on governor’s island in new York city Adams attended the school of industrial art high school in Manhattan graduating in 1959.

After graduating in 1959 he tried to get work as a freelancer at dc comics unsuccessful he decided to turn to

Archie comics and tried to work on their failing superhero line he made a few samples for their superhero the fly the editor liked one of the samples so much

That he included it in the adventure of the fly number four which became his first ever published work.

He started working on full page and half page gag fillers for Archie’s joke book magazine where he would make 16 dollars for half a page and about 32 dollars for a full page of pencilling inking and Lettering.

He later left Archie comics not really under the best circumstances and then turned to commercial art working for the advertising industry.

He began working at johnstone and cushing agency he worked there for about a year then in 1962 adams began working at the newspaper enterprise association syndicate for the Ben casey comic strip the comic strip lasted about five seasons ending in 1966 and was on about 365 newspapers he left the strip under

Mutual agreement but wasn’t really happy with what he’s getting paid only 350 dollars a week and he had to give majority of the money to the tv producers Bing Crosby productions he was then approached to do a comic strip called the green beret that had to do with the Vietnam war not really being a fan of the war he suggested.

That they go for dc’s joe cuber who also worked on war titles at dc during that time adamson went back into comics with Warren publishing that did black and white horror magazines adams debuted as a penciller and inker on creepy number 14 in april of 1967.

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So since dc comics lost joe cuber to that comic strip the green beret they went to neil adams and asked him if he would continue on our army at war and neil adams first published work at DC  was our army war 182.

He really wanted to work on a batman title he tried the normal batman line and then even tried the brave and the bold but DC didn’t want him to do that and actually assigned him to like the adventures of jerry lewis and the adventures of bob hope instead.

It wasn’t long until adams finally got to draw his first superhero cover with action comics 356 in july of 1967.

A few months later adams drew his first batman cover for the brave and the bold number 75 that same month he came out with his breakout character dead man and strange adventures 205.

He did the covers from 207 to 216 and that series won a ton of awards so during this time adams became a very sought after comic book artist he even did freelance work for like marvel.

Jumping on x-men number 56 and going all the way to 65 and then shortly after on issue 66 the series was cancelled.

he also jumped back onto warner publishing and did van perello number one during the late 60s and early 70s adams was very pivotal in creating new characters and a fresh take on the old

Ones his work with Denny O’Neill which started on detective comics 395 in January 1970 took batman away from his campy cartoonist stories.

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that were in like the batman 60 series and more into a dark and brooding batman.

Actually we love today during this time we got those iconic Neil Adams covers such as you know batman 227 which is a cover swipe from detective 31 then we also got the first raja ghoul which is batman 232.

we also got the first man bat Detective 400.

He also brought back villains that have been gone for a long time like two-face and batman 234, and then he brought the joker back from that campy clownish one to more of a you know a maniac that would murder people on a whim in batman 251 the team was an unstoppable force with their hyper-realistic take and tackling issues not seen in comics before this was the beginning of a new age and with green

Laner number 76 the new age became known as the bronze age gone were the days that comics were meant for kids.

These comics were meant for adults talking about real issues about what’s really going on in the world around us marvel was even joining in on the action with spider-man 96.

Where they couldn’t put the seal of approval by the comic code authority due to its drug use in that issue then a few months later adams and o’neill came out with green lantern 85.

That showed speedy shooting up heroin on the cover through the 70s adams continued to work on dc doing freelance work for other publishers like marvel.

His last complete story at DC before opening up his own company was the oversized superman versus Muhammad ali in 1978 which adam said was actually his personal favourite.

He’s ever done his last work at marvel was a 1981 bizarre adventure magazines in the 1980s and 90s he mainly focused on his own company

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Continuity associates where they would supply motion pictures with storyboards and advertising art during this time.

He would always attend comic cons doing pictures with fans signings even doing little drawings and that’s where a lot of people interacted with them.

Including myself then in the early 2000s he would return to comic books doing covers for marvel and dc again his first work at marvel since 1981 was 2005’s giant size x-men number three and then in 2016

Adams would homage most of his iconic covers from the 60s and 70s for the new dc 52.

i personally met Neil adams a handful of times at the san Diego comic convention the last time i saw him was a few years ago maybe more than a few years ago.

He was sitting at his booth there wasn’t very many people around and i went up and i had a quick chat with him i told him how much i loved his artwork and you know he

I think he shook my hand and you know i didn’t didn’t want to bug him too much i didn’t know at the time but that would be the last time i would ever see him or talk to him again on april 28th 2022.

Neil adams passed away from septus complications most people pass through life without leaving a mark that cannot be said about.

Neil adams his art inspired many generations to become artists themselves giving us more comics to read.

More Characters to aspire to be he showed us through his art that comics don’t have to be for kids that adults alike can bond with comics too rest in peace neil adams left this planet in a better spot than when you arrived.

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