Amber Heard Losing Her Daughter After Being Diagnosed With BPD

You see the downside of being a celebrity is that even the most safely guarded secrets eventually come out and amber heard is our latest victim the aquaman actress is in court battling her ex-husband johnny depp over a defamation case the newest revelation from the corridors of justice left the entire world shocked and amber gutted apparently she suffers from borderline personality disorder BPD which means she

Is not even fit to be a mom so does this mean Depp has been right all along and will amber lose the chance to live with her daughter.

let’s hear more a clinical psychologist hired to review amber heard and Johnny Depp’s turbulent relationship told jurors that the actress suffers from two personality disorders.

That she grossly exaggerated her ptsd after the couple’s bitter split depp’s legal team called expert witness Dr Shannon curry to the stand as the Hollywood star’s highly publicized defamation trial against his ex-wife.

Trial entered its ninth day the clinical and forensic psychologist told the court she concluded amber had traits consistent with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder two conditions found in people with patterns of emotional instability and attention-seeking behaviour.

This revelation not only complicates her case but pokes at her level of fitness and Parenthood Dr. Curry testified that she was initially hired by Depp’s lawyers early last year to review files in the legal battle between the two feuding exes and identify behaviours in their relationship.

That may be consistent with intimate partner violence the psychology expert however revealed her role which shifted several months later in October.

When she was asked to provide a psychological evaluation of amber bpd also known as emotional deregulation.

Disorder is a mental disorder that impacts a person’s ability to regulate their emotions and behaviour and therefore negatively affects their relationships with others.

If this is anything to go by there is a huge potential that amber heard may lose custody of her daughter meanwhile BPD.

Which also falls under the umbrella of dramatic personality disorder like bpd is characterized by a pattern of attention-seeking behaviour and Egocentrism through her evaluation.

Dr curry said she concluded that amber had grossly exaggerated the post-traumatic stress the actress claimed to have suffered from her relationship with Depp.

He noted that in the actress’s eyes the actor went from being idolized to the dumpster she noted that amber’s bpd was marked by an underlying terror of abandonment.

Somebody with the condition tends to make desperate attempts to stop it from happening and As a result of these disorders curry explained somebody like amber could quickly appear charming at the start of a friendship or relationship but could then turn dark quickly this more or less exonerates Johnny Depp.

Throughout the hearing he has painted a picture of a woman who used to blow things out of proportion whenever they had a minor argument amber would ensure it turned ugly wailing breaking things then telling others an exaggerated version.

Expressions during her ex-husband’s testimony while taking the stand in virginia depp 58 has claimed that amber abused him and recounted how she once allegedly became angry at him for taking off his own boots instead of allowing her to do it.

How she allegedly severed one of his fingers he told jurors how he and amber had a routine in which she would take off his boots and give him a glass of wine when he returned from work.

One time when he Broke that routine by taking off his own boots she became irate throughout the trial amber could be seen talking to her lawyers as her facial expressions seemed to change at one point.

Seemingly smirked after apparently looking afraid with these new revelations amber not only boosts her chances of losing the defamation case but her parental capabilities will be reviewed as well to be honest it’s getting worse for her but who knows maybe she has something up her

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