Apple TV Plus Series Shining Girls (2022) | Review Episodes 1 – 3

Apple TV plus continues its strings of shows beginning with the letter shining girl stars Elizabeth moss and this time it’s a murder mystery with a twisted and intriguing sci-fi angle.

So, should you put this one on your list years after a violent attack left her in a state of flux? Kirby discovers that a recent homicide is connected to her assault she then teams with a veteran reporter to understand her

Ever-changing present and confront her past so like i said Elizabeth moss stars in this and she is amazing as an unwitting unreliable narrator now she’s not unreliable.

Because of her own volition but something that’s happening around her and to her that makes it difficult to understand and believe what she experiences she has to keep a notebook with her.

To keep track of things like her pet’s name who a certain person is and what the relationship is to her or maybe even what apartment she lives in.

At first it seems a bit odd like she’s just having some memory issues and maybe she is but we’re also shown things through the imagery of the show.

That it may not totally be just her memory that’s wonky Jamie bell also stars in this and he is mysterious and creepy.

while we can suspect a lot there’s nothing concrete that’s been shown yet he has this air of confidence that is unsettling disturbing us just as much as he’s disturbed.

he gives us small clues as to what he’s doing or able to do but the why and the how is still an utter mystery he’s patient quiet even charismatic which makes his character of harper even more sinister.

kirby teams up with a reporter named Dan at the newspaper that she works at and he’s played by wagner mora now i love how he’s naturally inquisitive as reporters tend to be but he’s also wildly skeptical again.

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As many reporters tend to be but i also love his compassion that comes through now that’s not to say that he’s not driven impatient or he doesn’t even get upset.

But in his frustrating conversations with Kirby he’s still able to show a great amount of empathy towards her and i also like that he himself is a bit of an unreliable narrator he’s got stuff in his past that’s mostly just hinted.

At or maybe briefly mentioned but we also get to see some behaviours that do allow us to question his judgment and because of his family situation.

There are some really huge opportunities for stress and discomfort which the show then plays up well now there are a couple of smaller characters within the story well.

I mean smaller at least for now we’re played by Philip assou and Chris chalk now in these first three episodes.

We get a lot more from chalk and i really like him as a character because of his relationships i really want to see more with him to Just understand the larger impact.

He’s going to have on the story but for now his empathy and compassion i think are wonderful to watch philippa sue has just had a few small scenes.

While one was like oh crap another was like huh wtf which is then where many of these scenes ultimately lead as the episodes go along now,  i mentioned that there is a sci-fi angle here and the show messes with space and time.

But in ways that are only just briefly touched upon so far now the timeline is really screwed which i am enjoying but it’s messing with my head something terrible events play out.

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Then later we watch them from a different perspective or maybe even a different point in time now it’s a great method of storytelling that’s in filled with mystery and suspense.

I love that apple released the first three episodes together which then really helped me to get hooked now the first episode did grab my attention

But now since i was able to watch close to three hours of the content i’m very invested and i’m completely sucked into whatever is going on now i do have theories.

which I’m sure you’ll also form but i especially love that i’m only making guesses at this point i mean i don’t think we’ve even been given enough information to put down a concrete hypothesis.

which i love since the show is just beginning this is a great looking series so far while we get some scenes of sunlight the majority of the show has this ominous and even oppressive feel.

It i think a lot of that oppressiveness comes from kirby and how she just carries herself she’s going through life traumatized and in terror.

Because of what we learn i mean you can’t blame her at all but that is also what puts the fire in her to help her work the mystery angle so it does feel organic there’s some effective camera work to create some transitions in this

So that the feeling of shifting realities works convincingly there’s also some wonderful editing that creates a harried and stressful pace to a few scenes

But the situations are meant to be stressful and then building with anxiety so the editing is perfect in one particular scene Kirby and Dan are sifting through just a ton of photos and the photos and perspectives are changing at an increasing rate which is then right in time with the music making it

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For a very balanced but intense viewing experience i love the puzzle that has been laid out for us.

As an audience i mean it’s pretty engaging and mysterious with only the slightest of teases as to what, why, and then, how, everything is happening the acting is incredibly convincing especially for moss who’s crafted a character that is sympathetic but also very frustrating i’m really enjoying how i want to trust what she sees and experiences but i’m not sure.

I absolutely can’t even though other situations certainly lean towards her being right on track the show is gritty enough to be dark and ominous.

But not so much that i leave the episodes depressed or in need of a shower i become very sucked into the drama and the intrigue which the editing and pacing are hugely complementing

The acting and while i may not know where i’m going in this series i’m definitely here for the ride there’s no sex some brief but non-sexual nudity

Lots of profanity and some gruesome images of violence so i’m gonna hold off on giving this a score until the finale but please do know this is something that most certainly should be on your watch list.

Especially if you enjoy crime dramas murder mysteries or even subtle sci-fi so what’s something you’re binging right now let me know in the comments below.

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