Dan Walker BBC Breakfast Got Emotional While Shooting What He Will Do Ahead 2022?

It could be an emotional many hours for Dan Walker as he hosts his last BBC Breakfast before heading off to start a new job.

The presenter blazoned beforehand last month that he was leaving the news programme after six times.

His exit comes seven months after formers-host Louise Minchin spent her last day hosting the programme, 20 times after first joining.

Dan joined as herco-host on the BBC One show in 2016.

 In recent months he is been hosting alongside Sally Nugent follow Louise’s exit.

 Speaking in his exit advertisement, the former Football Focus host said it had” been a massive decision”for him to leave his job at the BBC for a new part.

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Dan walker last tweet on 17th may on Breakfast team

 Suckers will be suitable to see him facing Channel 5’s revamped 5 News. He’ll replace Sian Williams to present 5 News, after Williams blazoned she was stepping down last month.

  Dan said in a videotape statement about his new Television appointment “I ca n’t stay to get stuck into the diurnal news show, but I’m also agitated about making some great new Television for Channel 5.

 I love their ideas and creativity and it’s rare to get an occasion like this where paths and intentions meet.

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The chance to do commodity different was too good to turn down.”

 Following his advertisement he addressed the news of his impending departure on the BBC One news show after he was indicted of being’motivated by plutocrat’.

He said”I have no way ever been motivated by plutocrat in any job I ’ve ever taken and indeed though I love BBC Breakfast and everyone who works on the show, this is a fantastic occasion to work with a brilliant platoon on Channel 5 and also go and make some other programmes outside of news.” 

 After attesting when his last day on BBC Breakfast would be at the launch of this month, Dan took the occasion to partake his thanks with observers.

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He said”The other thing to say is, thank you to everybody who transferred so numerous lovely dispatches,”he said.

“And one thing I’ve realised, because lots of people want to sputter to you about this programme.

“It means an awful lot to a lot of people. It’s reminded me how special this show is, and how important everybody who watches it loves it. So, thank you veritably much to everyone who is come up and said some lovely effects.”

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