Bob Odenkirk Revel About’ Heart attack Incident’ On Set Of’ Better Call Saul’

Bob Odenkirk discusses a heart attack on the set of ‘Better Call Saul,’ saying he “started turning bluish-gray” and had no pulse at one point. The actor, who was transported to the ER following an on-set medical emergency in July 2021, stated that the event was caused by plaque accumulation in his heart.

Actor and funny man Bob odenkirk is one of Hollywood’s most cherished stars he is a four- time adversary designee for his starring part in Better call saul and shined on the cherished breaking bad and now he is participating his story.

Over to Bob
Bob i am just happy you are then in this president so nice of you to say we were talking about how you had you call it a hard incident well.

I want to just speak about it duly heart croakers
tell me that what i had was a heart incident not technically a heart attack but i do not know what the difference is?

I was turning blue and not breathing and my heart was unrhythmic and it demanded to Get back to a meter i do not really understand how it works but i just know that i wouldn’t have survived where did it be and how i was in the plant shooting better call saul our final season.

Which is going to premiere on April 18th and it’s going to be great if you are a better call Saul addict, i can not stay for you to see this but we were shooting a great scene me and shaft ocean cornucopia and Patrick Fabian and some other people.

We had gone off to our staying area and luckily i stayed in the area with the other actors because if I ’d gone to my caravan i wouldn’t be then right oh my god so i went down and they set up the alarm and people came out and Rosa Estrada our health officer was a croaker
Who served in the fortified forces for a stint and she came out and started CPR on me and saved my life did some people have epiphanies after

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commodity like that i am having a veritably slow epiphany indeed right now and the epiphany.
It was simply that my life is enough damn great okay and i should appreciate it and the people around me um actually that is you know i suppose people do have epiphanies.

When they’ve a near- death experience um and hourly it’s i’ve to change commodity you know and i suppose my epiphany is i’ve to appreciate what i’ve because it’s really great and i have got great people around me and um for some reason people are veritably nice to me and and were so nice on social media.

When i had this heart well posy this book is filled with all of that appreciation but what you set up i love is a lot of what you appreciate Your life or perhaps the effects that did not be.

Do you suppose all of that violent training and everything contributed to your heart attack in fact it saved my life and it’s really technically a heart incident although i would have been dead.

If notoriety had not incontinently screamed and gotten someone there to give me cpr saved my life when you do better call saul and you are at a plant position yeah they’ve a health expert.

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There is services right there and our health officer who had so important work to do rosa had to run the whole covet protocol script which got us through the whole season she’s there in her office working hard every day.

She also had in her auto because we had no those are defibrillators yeah and we did not have any of those on the set and so after about 12 twinkles of cpr she handed me over to some of the other people.

Who knew cpr well and she ran to her auto and got the defibrillator and it took three three uh attempts to get me to a meter which is actually a lot Howard i guess i do not under i do not know any of this stuff but i was told latterly.
When the defibrillator does not work once that is not good when it does not work the alternate time that is kind of Like forget it but also they jacked it up a third time and it got me back to a meter and uh and they and so that was what saved my life.
also i had surgery in the morning and they put the balloon through and i mean right through then you can not indeed see it presently and they went through and knocked out these little pieces of shrine.

That had broken off and blocked my widow maker but we were talking about nothing and one of the effects that saved me was i learned how to work out and uh because i was in good shape you kind of enlarge some of the um other modes around your heart.

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If you work out a lot and i had done that and as a result i was told that um more blood was suitable also to go to my heart during cpr because these modes were just a little bit bigger.

Lot of working out and uh so that helped me but also recovery wise i recovered important faster than i suppose a normal person who was not exercising so important wood because i my body was formerly in good shape so some lucky effects happed

i had trained and i did the movie nothing and i was in good shape
But utmost of all i was near myco-stars Ray ocean cornucopia and Patrick Fabian who rushed right to my side and shaft held my head and patrick seized my hand and they were yelling at me.

Because i guess i turned slate like right down and i stopped breathing and they were just yelling and yelling and those workrooms are so big.

The crew which were at the other end you know originally allowed
i do not Know someone is laughing over there or you know it took a many seconds perhaps a nanosecond or two for someone to walk over there and see.

What was passing and also everybody demurred into gear and we were lucky to have a couple great people who and by the way take cpr classes because you can save lives with them you.