Cast of Money Heist: Korea What They Really Think Of Each Other

With their charming friendships and irresistible chemistry, the ensemble of MONEY HEIST: KOREA – JOINT ECONOMIC AREA has completely won our hearts released on 24 th June. Find out who created the best first impression, who is the hardest to deal with, and, most crucially, who is the biggest sap away from the camera.


  • “You can be sexy” Please come down – Hi, Swoonies
  • Hi, Swoonies (Liu Jitai)
    I’m Yoo Ji-tae (Kim Yun-jin) who played the professor in “Paper House: Korea”
    I’m Kim Yoon-jin (Park Hae-soo) who plays Sun Woo-jin
    I’m Park Hae-soo (Jeon Jong-seo) who plays Berlin
    I’m the actor who plays Tokyo, Jeon Jong-seo (Kim Ji-hoon)
    I am actor Kim Ji Hoon (Lee Hyun Woo) who plays Denver
    I’m the actor Lee Hyun Woo who plays Rio “Who, Me? 》 will interview us about our thoughts on each other – so we now…
  • let’s get started

(Who, me?) (with the cast of “Paper House: Korea”) (Who gave you the strongest first impression?) (Highest voter)
First impression? She is Tokyo (highest voter)
She aroused my curiosity and I found out after getting to know her better that she lives in her own world but that’s her charm I thought he was Berlin when I met him he was kind and kind but he didn’t speak gives a strong impression

(Has your first impression changed?) No, nothing changed, only one fight scene and I lost in that scene. No change, he’s still hard to resist. I’m sorry, but you guys are our hostages from now on. I choose Oslo and can’t forget him (the highest voted winner)
He looks like a bodyguard on the screen, he’s awesome, he’s very imposing

He looks cool, has a magnetic and low voice (top voter)
But no one is more cordial than him outside the play (Has your first impression of him changed?) He even used honorifics to me at the beginning, I told him that there is no need for this, but he said that his personality is like this, I will I think he is gentler than he looks on the surface (hahaha) That’s what happened at that time (who gives the biggest difference between the first impression and the actual one?) Zhong Rui, she gave me a very strong first impression

But by the end of the shoot, she was so cute she would call me “Berlin” every time and then I would call her “Gongjing” – Berlin! – Tokyo (When Berlin Meets Tokyo.mp4) (Kim Seong-woo in the movie “Father and Enemy”)
Holy noon, I saw his post-diet pics and I thought he was going to be scary but he’s actually very outgoing and humorous Berlin, he’s charismatic and leadership, and he’s usually in that kind of role too. I got a friend and he turned out to be a fool

He loves his son like a fool (listen to my explanation) Although it was the first time we met, we felt very much like elementary school classmates. His kind and unexpected personality impressed me very much (if you both fight together, who will be soft-hearted and sympathetic to others? Release them?) I’m very sympathetic and I’ll say, “I don’t drink today” and I end up drinking the whole can. Every time I see him, I think he’s very kind. very surprised to see

Always told Sheng Wu to tell him the secret. He is full of curiosity and easy to be soft-hearted (magicians can’t reveal secrets)
But he doesn’t say it every time (Top vote winner)
They seem to be the most soft-hearted people and I suddenly think of Nairobi (the soft-hearted person on the team)
They are the most soft-hearted (highest voter)
He’ll let the hostages go because he’s softhearted and if he doesn’t let them go, he’ll let them live to the end They’re not what they look like They’re kind and innocent If you talk to them they’ll be curious
How can they survive in this cruel world if I make up my mind

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Should be able to get 30 million won from them (real world theft) Who are you? Teletubbies, brat (Are you sure, Denver?)
Come on, we don’t have many scenes together, but every time we meet, she looks like an angel. She’s very attractive, but because I’m young, she always makes fun of me (Zhong Rui chose you for this question) Really? I’m stronger than you think

I’m stronger than you think
This question is also me (strong) (firm)
I’m a bit stubborn (what’s the best way to convince you?) (this is a secret)
I can’t say it all, Koreans are very emotional, drinking a glass of soju, negotiating with Kim Seong-woo is absolutely impossible
He kept begging, but he still didn’t say

He said that magicians can’t reveal secrets, so he can’t negotiate at all. No need to negotiate, senpai Kim, when I read the script, I expected her to be very detail-oriented (unless it’s a professor)
Unless you have the same powerful strategy as Ji Tae-senpai, it will be difficult to negotiate with her. This question is difficult to answer. If you negotiate, everyone will say, “I see.” No one is so stubborn (who will be the easiest person to negotiate?) – Kui Ho

  • Hyunwoo
  • Senior Myung Hoon?
  • I think it’s me. He has kids (daddy is different) Dad has to be good at negotiating (kindness) (kindness)
    You can see how kind he is from his face (cheeky)
    He’ll say, “Okay, no problem.” First of all, I’m very gullible and I don’t like being locked up If I tempt me with food (no one can resist the temptation of food)
    I usually say yes (who has the most unexpected hidden charm?) – Jeon Jong-seo
  • Berlin and Nairobi
  • Sister Yunzhu
  • Park Hae Soo (highest voter)
    He played the internationally acclaimed “Squid Game” (Humble International Superstar)
    How can an international superstar be so humble? He responds very quickly and is very involved in doing things. Zhong Rui has played very strong roles.
  • I thought she might be difficult to deal with. Outsiders might think she is scary, but I met her a few times on the set. like a kid (top voter)
    I’ve seen Senior Park Hae Soo in dramas and movies but he actually loves pranks (highest vote winner)
    I only knew that Yoon Joo was a supermodel

But she is actually kind and warm (highest vote winner)
Yoon Joo is very attractive. I thought she was cool since she was a model, but she has no sense of distance.
That’s right – do you agree too?

  • Yes (and we agree) (Who would most likely violate the professor’s rules?) (Choose yourself for the third time)
    It’s me, I’m very disobedient unless we drink soju together (Hahaha)

it’s me, and… (top voter)
I won’t do what others tell me to do, but if I agree with what the professor says (if it makes sense)
I’ll do it, otherwise I’ll never obey him. I’m not sure about Senior Lung Jin, but I think it’s possible. Even Yoo Jin, the character she plays
They are the type who like to make their own decisions Zhong Rui, they are together (the highest vote winner)
She doesn’t like to obey the rules even off-screen
These people don’t like to obey the rules (rule violators)
These people don’t listen

(I’ll change the question myself)
It’s quicker to ask who will obey the professor’s rules. The one who will obey the rules is… but if most of the people agree and it’s all agreed (and I’ll join)
Then I will also obey the rules, otherwise I won’t obey them They will definitely obey his rules They don’t even need three chapters of the contract (Who do you think searches for themselves the most on the Internet?) – Yoon Joo

  • Is it your bridesmaid? Denver (raises hand)
    She raised her hands, “It’s me”

(Highest voter)
She is a fashion icon She should search for herself the most She is young and should care a lot about this kind of thing I think Zhong Rui should not care. Brother Ji Hoon is like a princess who always looks in the mirror. Should he be the princess who cares most about what other people think? I look in the mirror most often on set I get messy if I don’t pay attention to my hair but I look in the mirror a lot even when I cut my hair short

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(Who has a special charm that you want to have too?) – Yoon Joo

  • Yoon Ju (highest vote winner)
  • Senior Shengwu – She’s funny, she makes everyone laugh
    Women all over Korea will envy her figure. Her figure is the best level of concentration, role analysis, and eyes. He is very polite. If you look at his eyes carefully, you will find that his eyes are different in color. I also want to learn from him. eyes can see many things

(Which character do you admire in particular?) Moscow made me realize that for my son, he would do anything and I hope I grow up to be like that. He sets a great example and his emotions touch me deeply. We… just Let’s do it, get this done so we can live ordinary lives like everyone else (who is most like his character in “Paper House: Korea”?)

  • Tokyo
  • Professor – Director
  • Myung Hoon too obvious (no explanation needed) (highest voted winner)
    He is the most like (don’t get me wrong)
    It’s the humorous aspect, I don’t mean anything, he can do anything, and it makes the atmosphere better (Top vote winner)
    He is very suitable for this role I think there should be no one more suitable for this role than him The director in the play is very hateful (I love you, brother)
    But Myung Hoon is actually cute In this drama, Tokyo is cold and stylish

She’s not fashionable all the time but she’s fashionable and attractive when she’s not talking. The professor likes to explain things. Senior Yoo Ji-tae is also (hahaha), which is a good idea.

He is very kind and explains things in detail and seriously. (Who are you most grateful to?) I am grateful to Hae Soo (highest vote winner)
Because I’m not there, the robbers are filming at the Mint

Xuan Youzhen was filming in the police station. We are all separated. It is not easy to lead the team and maintain balance. But he adjusted for me, so I am very grateful that I still want to choose Lun Jin seniors Myung Hoon, Yoon Joo, Ji Hoon Myung Hoon will call me every time I encounter difficulties and care about how I am doing. How is the situation in the US?

He understands very well, because he has also been through (hehehe) (I love you, bro)
So I am very grateful to him, he is the one who takes care of me the most. I had a long discussion on the phone with Sister Yoon-joo about the role. Although Ji-hoon is the same year as me, I have learned a lot from him. I am very grateful to him. Denver, do you think I will Do things that might fail? – Won’t

  • Then don’t think too much about this project will be successful I will make this project a success (the beginning of a beautiful friendship)

my dad he helped me a lot i called him dad from the beginning so he treated me like a son just thinking about him makes me sad (non-final clip)
The scene outside the Mint is very little inside, but we spent nearly half a day
It feels great to hug on the ground, like my dad’s arm. Next is Myung Hoon-sama. Myunghoon-senpai takes care of us juniors and makes us feel at ease

Also always makes the atmosphere great (Park Hae-soo chose you) (bad)
I forgot about him Berlin being a leader gives us a sense of stability.

Some characters may be difficult to fit in, but he drives everyone to help each other (who do you want to praise the most?) (Everyone)
Everyone, everyone is very serious in filming. Our teamwork is very successful.

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I filmed “Different Dreams” with Kui Hao. He told me: “Brother, I am very happy to work with you.” He said that he was very happy

Senior Yeonjin and Rio I have a lot of respect for Senior Kim Yeonjin She is a very good actress (Kim Yeonjin in the series “LOST File”)
Or the first Korean to go to Hollywood Rio makes me want to praise him Can I choose everyone? (Super Concentration) Senior Ji Tae has a lot of scenes, and he has to shoot it by himself. Although it is very difficult, he still relies on his imagination to play it, which is worthy of admiration.

The robbers also played their roles well, so did the other actors (Love yourself)
I deserve a compliment too (how’s the teamwork between the robbers?)
Because the filming process was very hard, everyone relied on each other.

After the filming, we also contacted each other more often. In Berlin, I can only praise him for his acting skills. an actor, but he never thinks so. Even for a little guy like me, he would say he learned a lot

But I didn’t teach him anything at all. Acting with him was a lot of fun. There were a few scenes where Berlin and Denver clashed. He was very good at taking care of the other actors. (To my friend Haixiu)
Haixiu, although we haven’t known each other for a year, it’s reassuring to meet such a good friend.

As long as I think of you, my mood will be very good. Although I’m not sure when we will work together again, I will always support you and invite me to join you. the housewarming party

(Who is the bravest?) – Tokyo?

  • Master (highest vote winner)
  • I think it’s Hae Soo – She doesn’t act scripted but improvises like you have to collide with each other to spark the sparks I think she doesn’t close her eyes when she shoots. She’s very brave. Besides being charming, he’s also brave.

I guess he’s so brave because he has a lot of experience (who is the face of the cast?) (our youngest)
Hyunwoo, he’s the youngest (proud dad feeling) It’s too hard to choose only one (Ji Tae chose you as the face of the cast) You should have told me earlier (suddenly there was no room)

I’m here, he’s here, but he’s the prettiest of all, and I’m one of the faces we all say, “I’m the face, you’re sexy.” He was really beautiful during the shoot, I am surprised

I think picking these two as they look the same as the original also made a big contribution to finishing the robbery visuals (who do you think chose you as the face?) I know he must because he likes me ( I love you!) (my bestie) he is beautiful (who do you want to switch roles with?)

Tokyo is the most attractive character she is the perfect character for this generation, intuitively (highest voter)
My favorite original character is Berlin

His complicated and dark past fascinates me and Park Hae Soo does a really good job. If I were a boy, I would want to play Berlin (Top vote winner)
Berlin, Berlin is the villain among the kidnappers. The professor and Berlin have their own way of going, but he silently endured everything and made the best choice, which I think is great.

Did you do it on purpose? Is it possible? Ozan, if I could play “Paper House” again, I’d like to play Ozan

I think Monica is the most attractive character in the original series. I think she’s the bravest character and she plays really well. Denver can try a lot as an actor.

Action, love, father-son relationship can show a lot of faces, so it’s very Intriguing his first escape scene is also very stimulating and his transformation along the way is also very interesting.

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