Top 10 Celebrities Who Weren’t Invited To The 2022 Met Gala

The met gala is seen by many as the event of the year it’s a time when stars get to celebrate not only just being famous or whatever but also can celebrate fashion and really go all out on the wardrobe stage.

Sometimes whether they wanted to or not some notable celebrities have not been invited to the 2022 met gala or ignored the invite i guess i don’t know i don’t have the personal access to the invite.

List do you so here are the top 10 celebrities who weren’t invited or didn’t want to go to the 2022 met gala number

10) Meryl streep the iconic and one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood Meryl streep has actually never been to the met gala likely due to her track record i doubt the invites have kept coming every year although she’s a regular at award shows.

Graced the red carpet at Anna wintour’s event that isn’t exactly all that surprising however because outside of award shows.

She’s only ever really made appearances to promote a film or television series that she started Meryl Streep keeps a notoriously private life and prefers to spend the rest of her time out of the limelight.

9) Will smith and jada pinkett smith it cannot be argued that will smith and Jaden pinkett smith aren’t famous enough to walk the stairs at the met gala so why then have they never been it’s apparent.

That they love the limelight given how often they’re in the news and how controversial they are as a pair their children willow smith and jaden smith have attended.

8) Paris hilton i was absolutely shocked when i found out that paris hilton has never attended the met gala she is the Og socialite.

The kardashians wish they were her so why has she not been to the massive event that celebrates one of her favorite things fashion.

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While i sadly do not have the answer to that question i can i think safely assume that it’s because she hasn’t been invited i mean i am pretty well sure That if she had been invited she definitely would have attended i mean she is a socialite after all it’s not that she’s not relevant either although she did kind of stay out.

7) Dolly parton god what i would give to see dolly parton at the met gala you just know that she would serve so hard but alas dolly has never been to the met gala and not for a lack of want either she simply just hasn’t

Been invited which is so weird to me she’s obviously an a-list celebrity one of the nicest people ever so why has this legend with an extremely active career one who is known for making insane statements with her outfits drop into the fashion celebration.

6) Britney spears now this one i was a little surprised about britney has never been to the met gala and honestly i think that may have had to do more with the controlling conservatorship.

She was under with her father i doubt he would have allowed her to such a big event given how cutthroat he was in controlling every aspect of her life but now that it has officially ended you’d think that this would finally be the year for the pop icon to make her met debut alas she sadly did not show up and honestly– i think that may have to do more with her insanely busy schedule working full-time in LA at her residency.

5) Donald trump now while there are some pretty obvious reasons why donald trump will never be invited back to the met gala including with how controversial he is as a past president anna herself has confirmed that she will never invite him back to her event one such reason is

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That he clearly broke one of her very strict rules while attending the met gala back in 2004.

Before he was the president was instead just a television show host in socialite trump walked the met gala stairs with his then girlfriend Melanie he’d attended the party many times but in 2004.

He took the opportunity to be in front of a ton of cameras and proposed to Melania on the spot he held up a 13 carat diamond ring worth more than 3 million dollars.

4) Helena Bonham carter helene obama carter is the absolute queen of punk influenced fashion but she revealed on the graham norton show that she has never been invited to the met gala.

Mean can you imagine the power she would have held when the theme was punk chaos to culture in 2013.

i am forever saddened that she didn’t get to present her insane style on the carpet there but i think honestly i’m starting to see a trend as i was writing the script of celebrities not being invited who are known for their crazy wardrobes i mean kim kardashian wore the literal dress of Marilyn Monroe that shook the world.

When she looked naked except for being covered in diamonds and it just kind of looked bland on the kardashian elena obama carter has a unique style and even Rihanna hinted that her fashion may have something to do with why she’s never been invited.

3) Tina fey the comedian and actress has been to the met gala before but definitely wasn’t invited back after she gave it a scathing review in 2015.

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On the david letterman show she told the talk show host i’ve gone to it once and it was such a jerk parade clearly i’ll never go again but you go and it’s this beautiful space.

It’s just every jerk from every walk of life is there wearing some stupid thing you walk up these huge steps and i went and i dragged my Husband along with me too which i’m still in trouble for there is no way she’d have been invited back by anna’s since knowing that she does not take too kindly to naysayers.

2) Megan fox and machine gun kelly this celebrity duo has routinely made headlines lately for being so freaking weird but although Megan foxx has been to the event before neither her nor her musical fiancé have made an appearance at the 2022 met.

Megan actually usually does really well for herself in the fashion department of the event and considering how popular the couple has been it was pretty surprising that neither heard nor mgk showed.

It’s unknown whether they were invited or not but if they weren’t i bet it may be because they’re a very dramatic couple anna wintour absolutely doesn’t like the spotlight being taken away from fashion.

1) Anya Taylor joy i was so disappointed that Anya Taylor joy didn’t show up to the 2022 met gala she really is a total powerhouse of an actor queen’s gambit was absolutely phenomenal.

but because she’s in such high demand it could be very well likely that she was invited but rather couldn’t attend because she’s currently working on four different movies.

I bet she could just not spare the time to wear a cool outfit for one night.

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