Chris Hemsworth Criticizing Disney For Not Standing Up For Johnny Depp

Chris Hemsworth and several celebrities have given their opinions on the ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and amber heard.

Everyone knows now like there’s something wrong with her yeah like there’s something wrong right there’s some sort of like mental issue it’s great really yeah but that’s what happens with people like that yeah people that are just completely manipulative and foolish like that Doug Stanhope knows her as more evidence is beginning to reveal Johnny Depp might

Chris Hemsworth Disney For Not Standing Up For Johnny Depp / Video Source filmy streak YouTube channel

Actually be innocent so have more people gotten behind him and right now his supporters including several celebrities seem to be going after herd and some of the companies that supported her over him in the past starting with Disney did depp call disney out are they still behind her over the years several celebrities have given their opinions on the ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and amber heard however only a few of them have actually looked at things

From depp’s perspective and now that a lot of new information has been getting out to the public several people have been switching sides with many of them even taking stands behind depp to call herd out one of these people is joe rogan and he seems to be going after herd and even disney according to the prolific podcaster heard is full of and the defamation trial is a big win for depp this was revealed on tuesday during an episode of the joe rogan experience

When the podcast host discussed the 50 million defamation trial with fellow comedian jessica kersen i’m watching this trial and like it’s a cautionary tale about believing in bull forming a narrative in your head like we’re rebels together rogan told kirsten that’s what i felt like about anthony bourdain and his relationship to that crazy woman rogan said in an apparent reference to italian actress asya argento you’re seeing it all play out in court he added

Like you’re seeing all the crazy come out the two comedians joked about depp’s claim that heard deposited a fecal delivery in their bed while speaking rogan commented on the claim by heard’s attorneys that the 36 year old aquaman actress used makeup for milani cosmetics to hide bruises that were allegedly caused by domestic violence actions by depp however the specific makeup was reportedly released in december 2017 and heard filed for divorce from deb in may

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Of 2016. she said that she used specific makeup to cover all of her bruises that johnny gave her which is not true rogan stated well the problem is it was a specific makeup it turns out that the company didn’t even make that makeup at the time that she was claiming she was using it but that’s what happens with people like that rogan continued people that are just completely manipulative and foolish like them later rogan referenced an article written by

Stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope who also happens to be friends with depp guest writing for the rap Stanhope asserted that depp was pilloried in the press for domestic violence and that hurd would manipulate and f with him for years johnny depp got used manipulated set up and made to look like an a-hole and he saw it was coming and didn’t or couldn’t do anything to stop it stanhope wrote the ufc commentator said stanhope told him that heard is out of her effing mind

And agreed with rogan that she is like a crazy actress kirsten added of course there’s a ton of them the podcaster also noted that depp has been using drugs for a long time he was famous when he was 20 broke instead of the a-list actor and i don’t think you get any kind of perspective like that i think you’re effed while that fact has also been confirmed by depp himself in the past the podcaster also recognized that he would probably win the suit later on

While the show was going on Rogan explained that the defamation trial is a big win for Johnny Depp but a big loss for pirates of the Caribbean he then went on to bash Disney saying how about f you guys you got rid of the best effing pirate you’ve ever had for a crazy lady you effed up according to deb only two or three days after the Washington post published Heard’s December 2018 op-ed about being a victim of domestic violence disney informed him

That the company would not cast him again as captain jack sparrow in the successful pirates of the caribbean franchise and also having worked on those films with those people and having put a lot of my own rewriting dialogue scenes and jokes and wherever they are depp said in a court i didn’t quite understand how that after that long relationship and quite a successful relationship certainly for disney that suddenly i was guilty until proven

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Innocent as expected people had a lot of feelings about disney taking the star off the franchise and how much of a toll it took on his career another user countered saying their budget was probably cut and that made it easy to take out depp they wrote i think that they are just going to low budgeted make money off of the ip watch a tank and cash in the giant check regardless of if depp is in it it will still sell a large amount of tickets off the name alone

Even if it tanks without him in the cast they very well might make more money off the next film even if it bombs and then kill the franchise however to some others just like this user depp deserved it they wrote he got kicked off after a lot of embarrassing rants about how much he hates the franchise came out in the same court documents where he talked about kicking amber in the stomach on a plane and abusing her in front of witnesses so i’m guessing disney isn’t

Gonna pat him on the head for that but despite the thoughts of the fans it seems many of them are right about Disney as there are new reports of them stating their stand on the current trial a few days ago Disney announced the return of world of colour and there was a huge surprise no one exactly saw coming when the announcement of world of colour was made no changes were announced to come to the show so many expected the pirates of the caribbean section

Featuring johnny depp as jack sparrow would remain that being said disney has publicly cut ties with depp so some were not sure if that meant they would slowly start to remove some of his in-park integrations however it is undeniable that the majority of people are now seeing things from depth’s point of view as we have seen the media take heavy shots against amber heard for allegedly lying about several incidents as well as for her attempts to copy his various

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Outfits to an identical standard with all of this it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to discover that Disney might be contemplating the actor’s return to the show however he seems to have decided for them as depp has also admitted that no matter the cost he is not looking to return to the role of jack sparrow in the pirates of the Caribbean franchise according to reports depp told the courtroom a while back that he would turn down the chance to

Return for disney’s pirates of the caribbean six heard’s attorney ben rottenborn cross-examined depp on the stand and zeroed in on the actor’s claims that heard’s op-ed cost him the role rottenborn bluntly asked depp if it was true that the actor did not want to return to the franchise anyway to which depp replied that is true during the cross-examination rottenborn attempted to show that disney had already made the decision to block depp’s return to the

Franchise before heard wrote her op-ed the attorney noted a daily mail piece from october 25th 2018 that mentioned depp was out as jack sparrow depp responded by saying he wasn’t aware of that in reference to the piece but it didn’t surprise him considering disney was trying to cut ties to be safe however deb also was quick to point out that even after cutting ties with the actor disney still featured his pirates of the caribbean character at their

Theme parks while it seems Depp is now done with playing captain jack sparrow in the pirates franchise at one time he could have made a cameo in future projects however given the tumultuous nature of his divorce to herd his return will probably never happen nevertheless in order for depp to win his case against heard he’ll have to show that Disney’s decision came as a direct result of herd’s original op-ed which may be a challenge to prove and even

Though he might be leading on a couple of other fronts this is definitely not one of them but who knows the tides might change in his favor yet again tell us what you think that’s a wrap for now see you next time.