Comic Book Batman artist Neal Adams Has Died At 80.

Neil adams comic book artist who revitalized batman and fought for creators rights dies at 80. neil adams one of my comic book heroes just passed away.

Man changed the industry in so many ways all of them for the better personally he’s always been kind giving and always had a piece of advice.

Time i saw him i will miss him dearly legendary comic

Artist neil adams who revitalized batman joker and others with his realistic art and stories has died at the age of 80.

He was also a champion for artists rights and fought for compensation for superman’s creators when Stan lee formed an academy of comic book arts as a backpacking promotional arm for the industry.

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Neil adams use it to agitate for unionization and creator ownership lee was irritated for the rest of his Life.

Neil adams was an icon one of the most important and greatest comic book artists to ever live rest in peace neil adams.

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