Dave Chappelle Attacked Onstage at Hollywood Bowl

Can we talk about last night oh wow i mean it’s just i think will just gave everyone permission it seems well if you guys haven’t seen the video footage Dave chappelle’s act turned scary.

When he was tackled on stage lapd confirms he was attacked by a suspect arm with a deadly weapon Dave was not injured and he returned to the stage along with chris rock who joked was that will smith

They said it was only a slap what harm could it do they said the slap heard around the world has now given people the permission.

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I hear it was maybe i misread but like a fake gun that had a knife that would pop in and out of it that’s scary that is how do you even get that in there by the way, how do you even get that into the Hollywood bowl ? and more importantly how is your security team because it

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Looked like there was a lot of them Dave chapelle you look like you had a lot of security people there how did those security people let that person get on stage.

He must have been being really funny and they were enthralled with his appointment they weren’t paying attention i saw someone that’s the reason

why he got pushed down it was a security that came up behind him and pushed him down was isn’t that what

Happened yes but how did he get up there to begin with yes exactly yeah there should be well look my husband is on stage a lot i am oftentimes on side stage watching him it is very easy for somebody to run up on stage you’ve got security everywhere they’re watching the people.

If somebody is backstage already or if somebody is close it’s a very scary situation and you hope that someone acts quickly like this.

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Yeah you know i ‘m just putting myself in the place of like having the person on stage like my husband and it it scares me to death has he ever had a scare he’s had a couple of scares not so much on stage you know like after the show being followed to the hotel and stuff like that.

I know that we you know it’s funny to blame it on will and that’s the first thing that i thought of too but i think people are losing their minds Lately and something has happened during the pandemic.

Where people just right now feel like they can go full on karen anywhere on anyone it’s not okay well i’m not blaming it and i will but i will say it’s like twitter.

When someone becomes internet famous for dragging a celebrity and and a onion or a daily mail posts the the post and says fans are outraged with x y and z and they post this tweet and all of a sudden

Someone named Susan from north Dakota all of a sudden becomes a famous person because she called out you know Camilla cabello right now everybody tries to be that person that gets that re-tweet exactly and goes viral.

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You’re gonna see a lot of people i’m gonna call it right now i have not heard of a comedian being slapped on stage a comedian you know being attacked on stage once you open that door and put a crack

In it people feel like they can do it too yep whatever when did that start happening because that has never been okay nothing good ever comes of it you end up in jail or dead.

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I’m sorry when did this are happening when was that this cruise yeah like three weeks because people don’t think they’re like oh i’m gonna get a slap on the wrist but i’m gonna be famous and that could be my moment right you know even with will smith he was

Just was it art imitating life or life imitating art because before that and what have we been seeing in all the supermarkets and all the stores people losing their minds.

Smacking people throwing at people so it’s not you know which one came first everyone’s a little on edge but as Taylor says.

We need to calm down we need to calm down shake it off that’s why i go to target and not Wal-Mart one more daily pop Kim says she’ll get married again check out this

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