David Dobrik Sued for Excavator Stunt Gone Wrong, Man Claims He Almost Died

Now David Dobrich the YouTuber sensation is now being sued over this trick that went veritably wrong yes that is dobrik back in 2020 at the helm of an excavator he rented swinging hisco-star jeff whittick around it was all part of david’s massive social media come back

Like they always say what goes up must affect in a 10 million action he is each right everybody

Problem is jeff came back so the joe has a shattered face torn ligaments in his leg shattered his cranium

In nine places broke his bottom and he nearly lost an eye but after racking up some serious sanitarium bills jeff’s face is tip- top again and he is suing david for further than 10 million bucks how did this go so wrong and how was it supposed to go right david said.

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That i suppose he is going too presto so he slows it down but he slows it down too presto they should sue the company that rented the s well because he was not duly trained and they put it out there yeah they should have made david pass a driving test forward check rear check swing the arm around while your friend dangles off the end fail as for jeff he did not have to get on the rope and swing around but you do not want to be the wiener friend who is like i’m

Not getting in on that surely you that was surely you yeah and i got my face complete and his still looks better

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