Dwayne Johnson’s Shocking Response to Khloé Kardashian’s Wax Figure

I mean that’s amazing Khloe Kardashian reacts after Dwayne Johnson admires her wax figures but the rock stops by las Vegas’s Madame Tussauds wax museum to check out his new likeness.

It turns out his figure just happens to be standing next to Chloe’s he shares the moment with fans on tick tock i got to introduce you to my neighbour.

Look at that kind of look cool together right then Duane raises his eyebrows and all of ours when he notices what the Chloe wax figure is working with needless to say he’s impressed. I mean that’s amazing can we i need to can we add a little bit more to my like some glutes give me some glutes like that

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Like the rock chloe hits the gym hard so these two would probably be amazing fitness friends and she could give him all the tips on getting those booty gains.

Chloe reposts Dwayne’s video on her instagram stories and says looks like i am in incredible company yes and tags the rock she adds that she was crying laughing and notes the museum hooked her up when dwayne mentions the size of the wax figure’s bud Dwayne’s Madame tussaud’s surprise appearance

Comes a month after his figure was unveiled the actor’s wax model dressed in a khaki vest matching pants and a white patterned button-up stands in front of a decked-out bar full of his tequila brand Teremana as for Chloe’s wax recreation.

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It was revealed at the sin city museum in 2018 at the time she was completely blown away by the accuracy saying this is tripping me out Madame tussauds you guys did a great job.

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