Elizabeth Holmes Founder of Theranos : Biography, Net Worth

Elizabeth Holmes was the founder & CEO of Theranos, a health technology company company lost its value, she raised more than US$700 million from venture capitalists and private investors.  

Elizabeth childhood

Holmes, Elizabeth Anne Holmes (born February 3 Wednesday, 1984 she is from Washington, D.C. now her age is (age 38). She Completed Education in Washington, D.C. University of Stanford (no-degree) drop out.

Holmes was in romantic relationship with Sunny Balwani during during Theranos. sunny Balwani fund $13 Million with help of investors to Elizabeth. Sunny was 19 years older than Holmes and married at the time.

Balwani is said to have met for the first time in Beijing. Holmes and Balwani first met in Beijing, China, 20 years ago. According to Refinery29, Holmes was 18 years old and on a language immersion trip with Stanford University, while Balwani was 37 and studying for an MBA at the University of California, Berkeley. They apparently struck it off right away and began a romantic connection shortly after.

Following the fall of Theranos, she started dating Billy Evans in 2019, with whom she had a son in 2021. Billy Evans (married 2019) (indeterminate marriage status)

Children / – 1 she have one baby.  Billy and Elizabeth welcomed their 1st baby, a son named Williams Holmes Evans, on July 10, 2021, in California, Redwood City.

Relatives Julius Fleischmann (third great-grandfather) Charles Louis Fleischmann (second great-granduncle) . Her mother, Noel Holmes, was working for a Congressional committee.

Christian Holmes, the younger brother of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘The Dropout.’

Many reports claim that Holmes is currently living with Billy Evans in a USD $135 million mega mansion in California, Silicon Valley.

John Carreyrou professional  journalist of Wall street journal / and author of Elizabeth Holmes book “Bad blood” He won the Pulitzer Prize twice and known exposing fraudulent multibillion-dollar blood-testing company Theranos stated below story on YouTube Interview.

John Carreyrou

Her Early Years

Her family relocates to Houston from Washington, D.C. When she was a small child.

Her father said that she wanted to be a scientist or inventor who could make a difference in people’s lives. She began a software company at a young age, providing code translators from English to Mandarin, which is required in Chinese schools.

Life at Stanford University

Elizabeth studied chemical engineering at Stanford and was named “president of scholar” with a $3000 stipend for a research project. She was undertaking summer internships at the Genome Institute in Singapore because she is proficient in Mandarin.

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Foundation of Theranos

As a second-year student (sophomore), one of her professors, Channing Robertson, founded a firm named Real-Time Cures, which later changed its name to Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes received a patent for an analytical monitoring device that aids in medicine dose control.

Which consists of a wearable device that delivers blood pressure monitoring, medication advice, and dose adjustments as needed.

By the conclusion of the semester, she had dropped out completely and was working on thermos in the collage basement.

According to Theranos’ business model, they conducted blood tests utilising patented technology that required only a pinprick in your finger and a little amount of blood.

The little test would detect diseases such as cancer and excessive cholesterol.

Elizabeth Holmes Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Theranos, and Jonathan Shieber, TechCrunch Writer and Moderator, appear onstage at Tech Crunch Disrupt at Pier 48 on September 8, 2014 in San Francisco, California. Getty

Holmes began gathering venture capital funds for Theranos from well-known investors such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Larry Ellison. Theranos has raised about $700 million to far.

A 2016 Wall Street Journal report described how Walgreens committed $50 million in Theranos before quitting the project. It also describes how Walgreens agreed to the purchase “without fully confirming” Theranos’ technology out of concern that Elizabeth might abandon it.

Fraudulent family heirloom So you had these older males around her who she controlled, and a lot of these stemmed from her youth, because her father worked for the State Department.

He knew all of these renowned previous generals and how he did it since it was the thing we’d giggle about when we looked at her bored.

I’m referring to the investing community in general, so, for example, who’s on the board, is it go feminine is it? It was like no it’s auntie Kissinger and these other generals and it’s like a general is on your board or some senile stupid old diplomat is on your board it makes no sense so the family ties came in and were a role in numerous ways.

One example is that during a few years in the late 1980s and early 1990s

The Holmes family lived in Woodside, California, near the Stanford campus, and we were neighbours with the Draper’s Tim Draper yeah and so Elizabeth and Jesse Draper became friends Draper’s daughter Tim Draper and Elizabeth were good friends and remained friends and then when Elizabeth dropped out of Stanford at 19 in late 2003, the first person who cut her a check a million-dollar check was Tim Draper so that was another family connection

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That guy knew Don Lucas and introduced Elizabeth-Don, and he met with her and was impressed by her lineage, specifically the fact that she was a descendant of the Fleischman yeast dynasty. 

That individual knew Don Lucas and introduced Elizabeth-Don, and he met with her and was intrigued by her pedigree, specifically the fact that she was a descendent of the Fleischman yeast dynasty.

The Fleischman East firm was founded in the late 1800s by two Hungarian immigrants, and 20 years later by the turn of the twentieth century, the Fleischmann’s and and the Holmes’s were one of the richest families in America, and all that money was spent generation after generation just as

I believe she was extremely impacted by these stories because she wanted to recapture that place in society and that riches I think that was one of the things that was going on but in any case it was his favourite because Someone asked her at a family gathering when she was nine or ten years old, “Do you want to marry the president?” When she was growing up and she says, “I want to be a millionaire,” she’s not kidding; she’s looking focused; these aren’t childish words.

The relative asks if she wants to be president, and she says no because she’ll have a billion dollars and the president won’t want to marry me yeah I’m completely logical for a ten-year-old to think this and she really wanted to be a successful entrepreneur from a young age she wanted to be wealthy she wanted to reclaim the glory of the Fleischmann Dinah so it was like this personal thing and then she grew up around all this royalty with some

I believe she was also motivated by her father’s position as a public servant at the State Department. There were images around the home of him in war-torn nations and he constantly emphasised to her that she should live a life of purpose and I suppose this became in her mind how can I become not just affluent but do good as I become rich and biotechnology was a solution to both get rich in biotechnology and.

Create a product that will alter medicine, improve people’s lives, and be beneficial to mankind as a whole.

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You can see Elizabeth Holmes discussion with bill Clinton / image source

Bill Clinton, with Jack Ma, Joe Biden as he moderates a conversation with Holmes, the 37-year-old founder of the now-dissolved company, Theranos. The conversation was from 2015, on the future of equality and opportunity.

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In it, Mr Clinton says to Holmes: “You founded this company 12 years ago, right? Tell them how old you were.” Holmes replies: “I was 19.

The US Forbes magazine has downgraded the net worth of Elizabeth Holmes the author of a launch-up blood testing company from $4.5 Billion bones to Zero Forbes says all of her net worth was tied up in the company which was devaluated when it’s blood tests proved inaccurate.

Her Lawsuit Attorney

The lawsuit will be presided over by Edward Davila, a federal judge for the Northern District of California. Holmes’ principal attorney is Kevin Downey, a partner at the Washington law firm Williams & Connolly.

Some message or Text exchange between Sunny and Elizabeth between 2014  Holmes texted sunny Balwani calling him ‘tiger’ and telling him it was once ‘their year’.

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Text Sunny balwani and Elizabeth holmes between / Image source

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Text Sunny balwani and Elizabeth holmes between / Image source


Will Elizabeth Holmes return? Should she went to jail?

Without a doubt! The former Theranos CEO now faces a potential sentence of 80 years in prison or 20 years in prison. The decision or punishment in the Theranos Elizabeth Holmes trial is anticipated for September 26, 2022.

Is Elizabeth Holmes still wealthy?

No ! She doesn’t have a single dime saved up for the trial. Her net worth is around $4.5 billion, but that money has vanished, and she is still living with spouse Billy Evan’s in the most costly luxury property in California. Billy’s net worth is estimated to be between $8 and $10 million.

Elizabeth Holmes Belong to Wealthy Family ?

She comes from a wealthy family. Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, her father, was a vice president at Enron, an energy firm that went bankrupt after an accounting fraud scandal.

Can Elizabeth Holmes’ concept work?

The idea is sound. However, the technology proposed by Theranos requires several years of research. But this is how innovative science works. In biomedical technology, there is no fast kill. It’s a long process, one step at a time.

When did Elizabeth Holmes’ voice change?

In interviews, panels, and conversations, Holmes was recognised for her remarkably deep voice. On occasion, though, the medical entrepreneur tripped up and reverted to her normal speaking voice, which was higher-pitched.

Who is Rakesh Madhava and Edmond Ku?

Elizabeth collaborated with engineers Rakesh Madhava and Edmond Ku to build a gadget that can test blood with just a drop of blood, but it took years to scale the technology and process rapid results.

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