Following the shocking ending of ‘Doctor Strange,’ Elizabeth Olsen discusses Wanda’s future.

Elizabeth Olsen is the hero to her own story Dr. strange multiverse madness came out last night and people are loving it the fans are already going wild especially over Elizabeth Olsen performance.

As an actor how does that feel because you’ve been in the MCU for eight years and you started as an ensemble cast and here you are with Wanda well there is a different kind of Pressure when you become one of the leads for the films.

I’ve always i got really comfortable taking up a lane quietly and um not feeling the kind of pressure of the response you know the response from the film and so it is it feels like a more vulnerable place.

But i i loved that Juan division i mean I’m assuming a lot of these people have seen one division but i really love that we took the opportunity

For people to spend seven hours with this character and we kind of take advantage of that in this film and it was a great seven hours might i add that which speaking of Wanda vision last.

We saw wanda she said goodbye to vision and her two sons and she had her bocus spells so what can fans expect with wanda’s journey this time around for the people that have not seen it yet because you know tickets sold out real quick.

what they what where she is right now is she is accepting her loss and she’s accepting that she is this mythic ancient woman the scarlet witch and that she has written into this dark hold.

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So she has been doing a deep dive of the dark hold and starting to come into her own as her own witch having that acceptance having that confidence and having the clarity that

That she is allowed to ask for certain things um and deserves them and so she’s coming she’s coming from a place of confidence and clarity and doctor strength in a way

We haven’t seen now is Wanda gonna be portrayed as a villain this time around she is the hero to her own story love that okay now see people are also calling this movie one of the scariest

In the MCU is that really the case so i haven’t seen it yet because i get too anxious watching these premieres i’ve decided i’m not going to put myself through another premiere.

Because it makes me so terrified um so I’m going to watch it okay but i heard from my friends who were at the premiere that they were literally screaming so i i it sounds like there are true jump scares according to my brother’s a

Big Sam raimi fan he said it he didn’t realize how much of a sam raimi film was going to feel like and so i think people are going to be in it for um a bit of horror elements as well.

So when will you watch it so i’m almost done with press i’m gonna go home i’m gonna beg marvel for a link and i’m going to watch it at home with a few friends.

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I still have that energy of people but and in a place that feels a bit less vulnerable.

That makes sense that makes sense now wanda’s journey i mean she’s come a long way since you made your debut in the MCU what has been your favourite part of her evolution becoming her.

You know the scarlet witch in herself journey i think my favourite part has been um the playfulness that we got to have in one division we really had a freedom to fail we felt like we were being acting like fools every day and that freedom

Has now informed my confidence with the character because now i feel like i can be as playful with her in any kind of way that i would like and so that even informed.

How i approached her and doctor strange so there was there was that freedom has kind of unlocked something creatively that I’ve really loved now do you feel any like do you relate to Wanda in any way personally because i mean she is a dynamic character that a

Lot of people do relate to i do there are a lot i mean there are lots of elements that i relate to um i luckily have a bit more of a community and a therapist and so i wouldn’t respond similarly to certain things.

But i do have um an insane amount of loyalty to my family and my chosen family my friends and I’m a highly emotional person but i kind of put the lid on it in life um

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I get young like Ronda but i also what i do love about her is that she’s very independent in how she thinks and how she looks at the world and i strive to do that as well.

Yeah i try not to associate with too many um large groupings i try and find my own understanding of things for the people that have not seen the movie go away.

The movie is out so i do want to ask you about that final scene what i mean is wanda really dead what is the future of wanda she could never go away i don’t think especially with the multiverse.

I don’t know i i think she’s i think she’s aware of what she’s what she’s done um but no i don’t think she’s gone not like i know any other reason why she wouldn’t be maybe kevin’s sitting there.

He’s like she’s crazy um but i think there’s more to be had with her where would you like to see Wanda next i have no idea i would love to have an idea i have no idea because there’s like two ways.

We could go right and i are there’s more than two ways there’s i don’t know i just want her to be as Witchy as possible.

I think next and just really embrace that part of her and less the superhero part of her and more the witch.

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