Gerard Pique Reportedly Caught By Shakira With Other Woman

A Shocking news is coming from spain that the Barcelona defender gerard pique and shakira are all set to pathways the spanish journal el periodico claims that the 45 years old Colombian pop star shakira caught the Barcelona defender Gérard pique in an affair with another woman and they will separate soon

Emilio perez appeared on a live video stream of the podcast mamarazis which is posted every Wednesday on the instagram and facebook accounts of the.

B/R Football tweet about both Separation

I periodical newspaper the journalist claimed that the world-renowned pop star caught pk cheating with another woman a few weeks back which has led to the alleged split the reports also claims that pk now lives alone in an apartment in Barcelona and he spends in parties with his young

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Teammates ricky pooch pk and shakira have been dating since 2011 and have two children but still they haven’t tied knot of marriage they have been asked so many times about their relationship in several interviews but they have never hinted anything about getting married anytime soon but now as this shocking news comes out it looks like it’s finally the end of their 11 years of relationship.

after falling in love at the 2010 world cup in south africa there are signs that cracks are forming when it comes to the relationship between gerard pique and shakira the couple remain unmarried though their 12-year relationship has brought them two children milan and sasha however it looks as though things aren’t idiot between the two right now with

Word that pique is back living in his kaye montana or bachelor house in barcelona according to el periodico several neighbors in the building have seen peak entering and leaving over the last week it’s also said he’s been enjoying the barcelona nightlife with friend ricky poog and his group of friends another sign pointing to disharmony between the couple are the lyrics sung by shakira in her latest hit te feli

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Cito with rao alejandro for completing you i broke into pieces they warned me but i did not pay attention she sings i realized that yours is false it was the drop that overflowed the glass do not tell me you’re sorry that seems sincere but i know you well and i know you lot i congratulate you how well you act of that i have no doubt with your role continues you look good that show

I don’t buy that cheap philosophy i’m sorry i don’t ride that motorcycle anymore i can’t stand two-faced people i used to put my hands on fire for you and you treat me like one more of your whims your wound didn’t open my skin but it opened my eyes my eyes are red from crying so much for you and now it turns out that you are sorry it sounds sincere but i know you well and i know that you lie i congratulate you how well you act

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Shakira and peak have both avoided uploading anything to their social media platforms in recent times as well something that usually doesn’t bode well rumors of infidelity there have also been reports that the reason peak is not in the martial home is because shakira caught him with another woman el periodico report that this is the reason pique and shakira have decided to separate for the moment while also

Suggesting the Barcelona defenders partying is somewhat out of control and the partying has seen pique and friend accompanied by other women as well as staying out until two and three in the morning pique has also disappeared from shakira’s social media with the singer frequently posting pictures of the pair in the past but the last time that happened was in march you.

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