Get An Etiquette Lesson Befitting A “Lady Of Downton Abbey”

This morning we’re going to learn the proper way to dine at Downton abbey i can’t even try to continue that and we have someone who knows Elizabeth McGovern plays lady Cora crawly in the new film.

Downton abbey a new era half of the family and staff head to the south of france to inspect a recently inherited villa while the rest stay home where the house is being turned into a silent movie set here’s a sneak peek

What else did Murray have to say no it’s odd the widow wants to fight the will but the sun believes it can be settled in a friendly way i’d cover the villa with barbed wire and board up the windows.

He says he’d like us to visit him there the clearly mama can’t travel but he asked us to bring tom and lucy with us now that he knows sibby’s to be the beneficiary.

What do you think well we could get to know Lucy better and with any luck it would mean we’d miss the whole of Mary’s frightful film Elizabeth joins us now along with etiquette expert Mike Meyer and they’re going to walk us through having dinner at downtown.

This is fun they’re here and so is the largest table that’s ever been in studio 1a so let’s just start here we’re enjoying a meal together Michael what’s the proper way to sit down throughout dinner and what do i do with my legs okay so legs easy just under the table feet flat on the floor you don’t want to cross so no crossing the knee so that you remain with good posture because the moment you cross you break posture.

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Then you would wait until the host or the hostess put the napkin in their lap and then you would follow a suit oh i’ve already put my mouth i know me too you’re waiting for the very roots you would wait at a private home

So i have to wait on lady Crowley too yeah it’s the absolute only power the woman has you unfold it and then you refill it in half with the seams facing in and a fun fact the queen of England this day actually does this as well then the crease faces towards your belly button so that the opening is away so that you bring it up to your mouth and you dab so that all the stains stay

Inside a napkin oh that’s interesting i was wondering about that okay this is not right that’s funny asking for a friend so Elizabeth we saw in that clip it’s referred to as Mary’s frightful film um things are a little bit different at downtown abbey.

You know you’re kind of feeding a movie set as opposed to you know the traditional like having the queen over something so how is it different on set when it comes to you know proper etiquette oh everything is turned on its head culminating in the worst absolute abhorrent thing.

which is a buffet and craft services i was told at the buffet that under no conditions am i allowed to use a spoon i have to use tongs to pick up a giant piece of food and say lines I remember i was not best please is that correct yes

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It is that was right yeah it is so hard it’s funny so for people who are watching let’s say they are invited to a fancy dinner if you will sit down you have a gazillion you know forks plates all that good stuff and I’ve also heard that people often hold the utensils the wrong way yeah I’m curious as to what the right way is and we’ll see if we’re doing it right okay so if you pick up the fork and the knife

Closest to you we can all practice with that so i have to start with the inside well you would start with outside you work your way in but to practice with our silverware today we’re just going to pick up the two closest okay and you put your fork in your left hand the knife in your right hand no matter.

If you’re left or right-handed the blade is facing up and it’s index out wrap all of your fingers and twist you know what’s funny

Is my husband does this and I’m always telling him that he’s wrong but i guess clearly I’m right but what to clench it with your fist yeah now pick it up as if you were to you know you’re going to eat it but be relaxed.

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It don’t be like right and then when you cut right you cut and then it’s one piece at a time with your left hand you’re supposed to put the knife down exactly that’s American editing

That’s what we do you’re supposed to that’s why he keeps it in his left hand now i get it so that’s actually correct just like that do you ever eat like that you keep it in your left try it i don’t know i was probably the only one here who’s eating a fancy meal but look

what about the wine glass yes oh yes okay so wine glasses so you just want to make sure you don’t hold at the bowl of the glass so with that it causes fingerprints and heating so instead we

Can just all pick up our champagne flutes if we want so it’s just i always say take your three fingers your thumb your middle and index and then your index comes out front oh I’m holding a pencil exactly okay exactly and then you would raise the toast and make eye contact real Quin Elizabeth.

When you’re acting in in a movie like this do you have to remember all i mean you have to remember all this little etiquette how do you do that and also your lines and everything else it’s not easy we have a guy hovering around who jumps in if there’s anything a new era from our parent company focus features opens in theatres this Friday may 20th i love it.

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