How Johnny Depp’s Controlling Behaviour Over Amber Heard Witness Said

At first you know he would it would be like light  jokes or you know she left the house wearing   something like oh you’re gonna wear that you know  or just some joke.

It was very subtle you know and then over time again just like the progression  of their relationship it just intensified then suddenly it’s you know they both have the same stylist.

I forgot her name but suddenly they have the same stylist and he had been essentially controlling what she wore to events and things like that so she went  from being able to wear whatever the hell she wanted and then suddenly she’s wearing anything that her stylist his stylist wanted her to wear or wanted him to wear and her style over time just got more and more conservative.

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What if any observations did you make about Mr Depp with respect to amber’s work that too was one thing at first it was he was saying he was protective over the kinds of jobs she was taking.

You know oh that’s not going to be good for her career and then suddenly it’s  he has a problem with her taking any sort of job or any sort of audition and then became every time that she even thought about taking a meeting.

It was another fight he would often say things like I don’t even understand why she needs to work   I’ll take care of her i’ll take care of you i’ll  take care of everyone else she doesn’t need to work at all it was one of those things that he was at the end he against her working at all.

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