‘ It’s a terrible death’ threat factors of the’ horrible’ complaint that killed Paul Newman

 ACTOR Paul Newman passed down back in 2008 after a battle with lung complaint. After a successful career fuelled by heavy smoking, the impacts of the habit eventually caught up with the star.

With one of Newman’s most notable flicks, Towering Conflagration, playing moment on ITV4 then we examine how cancer affected the star and how smoking can put individualities more at threat.

 Paul Newman answers question at 1994 Academy Awards

The star first starred in a Hollywood film back in 1954 and over the course of the 1950s shot to stardom. Towering Conflagration was one of the star’s successes in the 1970s.

The disaster movie went on to win three Oscars and helped cement Newman’s heritage. Newman’s early film career was accompanied by heavy smoking and when looking retrospectively at his career in his aged age,

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the star was reported saying that he was amazed he’d survived all that booze, smoking and auto racing. Despite giving up the habit some 30- times before his death, Newman still remained at threat of the complaint which would go on to kill him.

 After being noticed looking particularly frail in the summer of 2008, Newman shut down rumours concerning his health, saying that he was only being treated for “ athlete’s bottom and hair loss. ”

 still, by September of the same time news of Newman’s death was made public.

 Recent statistics from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention( CDC) set up that lung cancer reckoned for further deaths than bone cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer combined.

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In fact, the NHS states that around,000 people are diagnosed with the condition every time in the UK.

 As formerly mentioned, smoking is the “ single biggest threat factor ” for lung cancer and is responsible for further than 70 percent of cases. This is substantially due to the 60 different poisonous substances which are known to be carcinogenic( cancer- producing) within tobacco.

 The NHS notes that while smoking cigarettes is the biggest threat factor, using other types of tobacco products can also increase your threat of developing lung cancer and other types of cancer, similar as oesophageal cancer and mouth cancer.

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These products include


 Pipe tobacco

 Snuff( a powdered form of tobacco)

 Biting tobacco.

Smoking cannabis has also been linked to an increased threat of lung cancer. It’s estimated that smoking roughly four joints, which contain a blend of tobacco and cannabis may be as damaging to the lungs and 20 cigarettes.

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