Johnny Depp And Amber Trial Verdict Date May be Ending Soon !

Latest Updated News on Amber Heard defamation trial verdict date Jury deliberations are underway in the Johnny Depp and amber heard defamation trial death sued his ex-wife after she wrote a 2018 op-ed describing herself as a domestic abuse victim during closing arguments depp’s lawyers accused heard of lying saying she gave the performance of her life her lawyers urged the jury to give her her voice back and to stand up for victims of domestic abuse for more on this i want to bring in jesse.

this defamation trial will soon ending soon.

Weber he’s an anchor for the law and crime network jesse thanks for joining us as a threshold matter what is the legal question the jury is deciding it’s all about defamation it’s all about whether or not there was actual malice that is a key term here what that means is did someone make a statement knowing it was false or with reckless disregard for the truth so whether or not amber heard did that in the Washington post article whether or not Adam waldman.

Johnny depp’s attorney the statements that he made that are the center of the counter claims that amber hurt has filed against johnny depp it is all about actual malice which i must tell you for public figures is a very high standard to meet and so as much as we talk about what is happening outside this courtroom courtroom the public affair the public opinion the legal question is much more specific and much more tough i’m glad you raised that does sound like

It’s a very high legal stat standard so on friday’s closing arguments which ones were more persuasive see that’s a tough question because i thought both sides were great and i think they highlighted the important aspects of their case johnny depp highlighting the fact that why would he do this why would he put his whole life on display if not for telling the truth the idea of suggesting that amber heard you know during their closing arguments

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They interspersed the audio tapes of her berating johnny depp admitting to hitting him trying to reframe the narrative of him as the victim and her is the abuser and then amber herzeg did a fantastic job by saying if the jury finds just one instance of abuse psychological mental emotional verbal he loses this case and it’s not fair to blame victims for not reporting not taking injuries uh not you know ultimately seeking medical attention

They both highlighted the strengths of their case and it’s going to be a tough case i really do believe it’s going to be a tough job in this jury so does either side have an advantage as the case goes to the jury well look the advantage i would say for amber heard goes into johnny depp’s defamation claims i really do think it’s a high bar for him to win i will say the headline of the defamation or the washington post article the sexual

Violence component that might be the only part where i could see the jury actually siding for johnny depp in terms of amber heard’s counter claims against johnny depp it’s a problem for her i think there’s a strong argument that his attorney was maybe doing the proper due diligence and legitimately believed her allegations were fake after interviewing a number of people it’s a tough case in defamation

And it’s a tough case for both sides so you’ve been following this from the very beginning what was the biggest moment in your view and which side benefited most it was the videotape of johnny depp smashing the cabinets and the audio tapes between the couple you know there’s one thing for what he says on the stand she says in the stand this witness that one the audio tapes and the videotape i believe the jury’s going to

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Focus so much on because it was a moment in time that captured what was happening between the couple behind closed doors i mean you can’t forget what we all saw and what we all heard between okay so that’s so that sort of non-public view that evidence so were there missteps for either side i have to tell you i was very surprised at what i heard today from elaine brederhoff who is amber herzeg at the conclusion of the closing argument she

Said even though we’re suing for a hundred million dollars it’s okay if you don’t go 100 million dollars we don’t expect you to go there i don’t know why she said that i thought that was a little bit of a strange aspect i will also tell you that johnny depp site did not spend a lot of time today poking holes at amber heard’s witnesses who testified on her behalf they were focusing more on the fact that if you believe amber heard then that means that

All of the witnesses who have testified on our side are liars in supporting johnny depp it’s a good argument but maybe they didn’t spend enough time trying to poke in holes in amber herds witnesses so i just want to back up one second because you said something that really caught my attention are you saying that the verdict here has a direct impact on amber heard’s countersuit it can right so think about it like this

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If the jury comes back and they say you know what she is not liable for defamation we do not believe that she made these statements up in the washington post then the second question is well if that’s the case then johnny depp knew these statements were false his attorney knew these statements were false why did they go out and say that all these allegations were a hoax now i do see a scenario where they could both lose their case i see a scenario where

They could both win their case but the point that i’m making is that is not a strong that is not a very long mental leap for them to make if they decide first his case and then hers so if you had to crystal ball what does the trial verdict date mean for their careers okay that’s the that’s the 50 million hundred million dollar question if i’m looking on the outside everybody i’ve been speaking to out here johnny depp maybe has a second chance at a career

Amber heard has such a mountain i mean there is two amber heard supporters i’ve met out here it just feels like when you look at social media you look at the public response it’s going to be very hard for her to build her reputation back even if she were to win this case it’s a tragic story let me just say that it’s a real tragedy i know there’s a celebrity aspect but we’re dealing with real issues drug abuse substance abuse

Domestic abuse it’s a really sad sight to see for both of these parties jesse weber thank you for your terrific analysis we appreciate it thank you so much for having me.