Kardashians Family Crazy Dating History 2022

The most famous family in Hollywood has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last decade since their smash hit Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiere.

We’ve seen breakups makeups and more chaos than any one family should ever have to go to but who has come and gone and left their mark in the romantic lives of this fabulous family.

One of these sexy sisters has dated someone from another famous Hollywood family.

Can you guess who we’ve never seen so many athletes and global superstars on one list join us as we take a look at the romantic lives of the Kardashian family.

Kris Jenner when you’re looking this gorgeous at 63 are sporting a tall dark and handsome hunk by your side and your whole family has the world at their feet.

Dirty secrets of Kardashian’s

Then you know even though she doesn’t always take centre stage Kris Jenner is known for being the mastermind behind the tremendous Kardashian Empire

Her achievements are incredible especially considering all that she has been through in her love life.

We all know how the saying goes the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder it’s pretty well known that Jenner’s first marriage was to Robert Kardashian.

Not a lot of people are aware of the Dirty secrets that cause that love to fall apart our favourite manager openly admits that she was a serial cheater

Kardashian Affair with Golfer Cesar sonido

Before she even got with the lay Kardashian she was engaged to professional golfer Cesar sonido.

she cheated on him with Kardashian in a steamy love affair that eventually led to them tying the knot in the 70s here’s where it gets twisted though Kris didn’t stop cheating in an interview on Fox News.

Jenner opens up about cheating on Robert with a family friend we can barely handle all this dirt everyone makes mistakes though and I don’t think the mother of six.

Caitlyn Jenner Step Father of Kim

She would take back her actions because they led to her marrying Caitlyn well Bruce at the time and the birth of her beautiful daughters Kendall and Kylie these days after a crazy whirlwind split with Caitlyn Jenner the stunning mogul has found new love with her young beau Cory gamble.

At first the sisters were worried that Cory had shady intentions because of the huge 25 year age gap but four years later he has proved that he is here to stay

Both having recently had their birthday Chris posted this killer pic with her and her Ryder die-cut she calls Cory’s it looks like it’s smooth sailing ahead for the lovebirds as Chris recently confirmed her engagement to her babe.

On The Late Show with James Corden Chris you are doing amazing sweetie Kourtney Kardashian is it even possible to find someone more flamboyant than the self-proclaimed.

Lord Disick perhaps that’s why Kourtney stuck with him throughout all the years of their incredibly rocky relationship their love affair was characterized by drama and scandals mostly caused by Scott who can forget the time.

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Scott took too many sleeping pills and had to head to rehab after a wild night of partying this was definitely not the craziest thing he did.

Though because after another night of drunken escapades he ended up beating up Kourtney’s younger brother Rob.

We really started to wonder how far Scott would go for his lovers forgiveness finally ran its last race.

While the Kardashian sister eventually had enough after a number of cheating accusations when Scott was spotted relaxing and tanning with stylist Khloe Bartoli at the end of her nine year long relationship with the father of her three kids Kourtney has been a little bit active on the dating scene.

Kourtney spent two years dating the model Yunus Benzema until the pair eventually called it quits in September this year.

It didn’t take court very long to move on though as she has been seen multiple times with brownish after Lucas Abat.

We’re wondering if Chris’s said some kind of trend here because the age difference between these two in the shocking 19 years.

They were recently spotted attending sister’s birthday party together proving that Courtney can definitely keep up with this young stud and it looks like she’s got her eyes on some other young studs.  

She was seen flirting with her sister’s ex-boyfriend French Montana hey what happened to the sister code khloe kardashian will start with her most significant and dramatic romance with retired pro baller lamar odom.

It came as a surprise to everyone in the family when Khloe was getting ready to tie the knot with him after only a month of dating

They gave love their best shot though being together for four years after separating their relationship was filled with its fair share of problems though with Odom struggling with a drug addiction.

It all became too much for Khloe when they eventually split in 2013 but she quickly rebounded with the rapper the game in a fling that lasted only a few months a brief stint with Matt Kemp was then followed by a 1-year relationship with French Montana

Fast-forward through some free flings with James Harden and Trey Songz and we get to her most recent love affair with another basketball player Tristan Thompson.

This one seems to be the most wonderful story for Chloe as Tristan is the father to her first baby true.

Who is just too adorable for work but are things really as rosy as they seem there was some early troubles in paradise Khloe’s beau was infamously caught cheating on her.

We hope that things have improved for the two anyway we all remember how hard she struggled to have a baby and we’re so happy.

It’s finally happened for you Chlo kendall Jenner these sisters certainly love to snag themselves some NBA players whenever they can but Kendall’s list also features some pretty high-profile artists we can imagine that it’s not exactly difficult to find yourself a love interest.

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We’re near the world’s top supermodel back in 2014 there were some brief Rumours that Jenner had a romance going on with Justin Bieber and even though she tried to dispel the speculation.

We weren’t quite sure if we could believe her but soon enough Kendall switched up her style and was spotted getting comfy in st. Barths with Perry Stiles in 2016 apparently.

It was just a brief fling though and the two didn’t get very far after basketball player Jordan Clarkson.

We saw her spend a lot of time with rapper ASAP Rocky but nothing was ever officially confirmed with the models busy work schedule.

It seems like it’s really hard to maintain a romance especially with other high-profile celebs this year she was set to be dating talented baller Ben Simmons and also Anwar Hadid brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid.

For a While Anwar has been in Kendall’s life for a long time as she is close friends with the Hadid sisters unlike the rest of the kardashian clan though this gorgeous sister likes to keep her life fairly private.

Especially while she focuses on her career maybe soon we’ll hear rumors of another fling with a basketball player who knows Kylie Jenner now this is a definition of a glow up over the last few years youngest sister Kylie has gone through an incredible transformation

She was cute before this but she definitely added a little flavour to her appearance and to her love life the makeup mogul admits to being a little bit insecure about her lips.

When she was younger thus contributing to her getting some lip fillers and the super crazy kylie jenner lip challenge does anyone remember that in her early teenage years Kylie almost became the leader of the most ambitious crossover event in Hollywood history.

She dated icon hit maker Smith back in 2014 and Jayden was quoted describing her as pretty awesome.

Can you imagine what that would have been like Smith’s and Kardashian’s under one big roof without have worked out with legend Will Smith.

Getting so much more of his own camera time now on his YouTube channel I don’t know how they would have hands like Jayden and Kylie didn’t last very long though.

Her next notable relationship was with Rapper Tyga this situation was a little bit shaky because Kylie was underage at the time that  rapper started dating her sisters definitely did not approve at first but after their baby sister turned 18 her and Tyga started to be more open about their relationship.

Then they officially called it quits in early 2017 though after Kylie started to feel like she was being used for her money by her former man yikes but it looks like the new mom has found real love with her baby daddy Travis Scott.

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The Houston rapper and Kylie linked up in 2007 and are proud Parents to their daughter stormy webster in an interview with Ellen the rapper hilariously talked about how he wasn’t quite sure what a placenta is there’s like this thing called the placenta

That i’ve just been hearing about he told Ellen oh my god I was like so fearful of that but I cut the umbilical cord and she held it down oh mama KJ she’s the best man.

Wow it certainly looks like their love is growing as there have recently been some fiery rumors that the two could possibly be engaged or even married because Kylie was spotted wearing a massive diamond rock in Miami.

While touring which her love earlier this year though trav posted an Instagram photo captioning it wifey what if these two were married all along and didn’t tell us about it.

What do you think are these two married or engaged let us know in the comments Kim Kardashian wow we’re definitely not going to get through Kim’s entire dating history.

We’re just going to try and include the biggest things that have into the sexy mom’s long love life first the most notorious romance with singer rages that most people say is the reason for the Kardashian family’s massive fame and success.

Ray J took a lot of heat back in 2013 when he dropped a diss track for Kim and Kanye called I hit it first alluding to their scandalous sex tape that broke the internet rapper and comedian Nick Cannon was the next person that Kim dated after Ray J.

Did you know that these two had a thing before the release of Kim’s tape yeah neither did we but that’s apparently the reason they broke up Kim later dated mega singer-songwriter and master guitarist John Mayer but it never really got past the casual dating phase.

One of the most chaotic relationships in Kardashian’s life was her infamous 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries she filed for divorce because of Where their future would take them with Kris infamously telling her baby by the time you have kids and they’re in school no one will care about you.

We’re glad that’s over obviously that was for the best because Kim is the happiest she could be with her megastar husband and father of her three kids Kanye West.

Even though their lives can be full of madness yay flip-flopping on his political views and making crazy and controversial statements like saying that slavery is a choice you hear about slavery for 400 years for 400 years that’s not like a choice it seems that the two are holding it down and keeping the love.

I am one who outrageous thing to think about is that we could potentially see this family in the white house what do you think would you be happy with president Kanye West.

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