Kevin Hart says ‘Needed To Happen’ Dave Chappelle As Attacker Faces Charges

The Chappelle thing was so scary this yeah right not scary but all right no somebody ran on stage and got the ass wood Kevin hart is addressing Dave Chappelle being attacked on stage during the Netflix as a joke festival.

The 42 year old comedian stopped by Jimmy kimmel live on Thursday and opened up to guest host mike Brabiglia about the situation.

But at first they weren’t on the same page about it it’s one of those things that need to happen though right like by the way no what you

Okay mike do you want people to continue to think that they can cross that line and break the barrier of entertainer and oh no we’re on the same side yeah that’s my point there is a momentary confusion well i don’t know how you can get confused there mike

Somebody getting their ass whipped sends a message out to other people that was like you know i was thinking about doing that but after seeing that i don’t really okay we’re saying the same thing I’m saying it’s scary the person attacked Dave in the first place.

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The jumanji actor went on to commend Dave for continuing his show which was a record-breaking historic moment as he is now tied with Monty python for the most headlined shows by any comedian at the Hollywood bowl.

Look i think that the world that we’re in right now there’s a lot of lines that have gotten blurred and sometimes you gotta take a couple step backwards to take some steps forward.

I think that moment that we just witnessed with Dave is like fogging up a bigger moment like Dave just made history at the Hollywood bowl yeah sold over seventy thousand unbelievable yeah.

And Dave went back after that and finished doing the show didn’t let that thing be a big thing yeah quickly moved on from it and got back to doing comedy  

That’s what a professional does yeah ultimately you know these moments of unprofessionalism should not break professionals they shouldn’t shape or mould the world.

That we’re now being seen or viewed in so i think it’s time to get back to a place of respect for your live entertainer and understand what you’re saying.

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Kevin then recalled his infamous moment in stand-up when he was hit by a buffalo wing thrown by an audience member and he pointed out that heckling has been a long-standing part of the live comedy experience.

But well here’s like here’s what people have forgotten in stand-up comedy it’s always been the world of heckler and comedian comedian has always dealt with heckler has always shouted out things.

He felt that he could a comedian’s way of shutting that down was to say things back it wasn’t it wasn’t bullying.

It wasn’t picking on it was all done and fun we’ve now lost the sight of the relationship of audience to comedian and that line has gotten blurred to where it’s like well.

I don’t need to do this and like this and i can stand up and make a point well

It becomes a hard case of well why did you come yeah why did you buy a ticket yeah that want or need so when i say we need to get back to the place of respecting the entertainer respect.

The craft if you’re coming come and have a good time and enjoy the person that you saw if you have no interest in that you don’t have to buy a ticket.

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That’s right you don’t have to go Dave was attacked on Tuesday night by 23

Year old Isaiah lee access Hollywood confirmed a spokesperson for the los Angeles police department told access Hollywood that lee was armed with a replica gun.

That ejected a knife blade it discharged correctly lee was originally charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and his bail was set to $30 000 but

The la county district attorney’s office announced Thursday it declined to pursue felony charges and now the la City attorney’s office filed four misdemeanour charges against him.

The attack isn’t bringing down the 48 year old legendary comedian though as his spokeswoman Carla sims told the los Angeles times.

That he doesn’t want the attack to affect what he accomplished Tuesday night saying the performances by Chappelle at the Hollywood bowl were epic and record-breaking.

He refuses to allow last night’s incident to overshadow the magic of this historic Moment.

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