Kim Kardashian Dating History

TJ Jackson and Kim Kardashian Met in 1995

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TJ Jackson is an American singer and record producer TJ Jackson was the first boyfriend of Kim Kardashian kim and Jackson started dating in 1995. at the time Kim Kardashian was only 15 years old after two years of dating Kim Kardashian and TJ got serious about their relationship in 1996 Kim Kardashian introduced.

But did you know she lost her virginity at the age of 14 to a renowned royalty descendant? What is his name?
According to Sean Smith, the author of the book, Kim had her first intercourse with Michael Jackson’s nephew TJ. The book chronicles her teenage affair with the celebrity throughout her high school years before she was to marry him.

TJ her mom Kris Jenner after a discussion with her mom Kim Kardashian publicly announced that she is in love with TJ However in 1999 things between them got ugly and they broke up after their split Kim and TJ went on their separate ways but kim and TJ are still good friends.

Kim Kardashian met TJ Jackson in what way?
When she was dating T.J. Jackson. Mrs. West dated T.J. Jackson, the son of Michael Jackson’s brother Tito, as a teenager. Pam Behan, Kardashian’s former nanny, recalled meeting him when the two were dating.
‘I dated Kim when my mother died away, so I was actually fairly close to the family when I was young,’ she said recently in an interview with What TJ Said.

Joey Lawrence and Kim Short Love Story 1999

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Joey Lawrence is an american actor musician and record producer Kim kardashian and joey Lawrence hooked up in the summer of 1999. they started dating but they were not a good couple kim and joey started fighting over small issues after a couple of dates kim and joey broke up since they’re split they have never been seen together fans think it was just a teenage love and it was good they broke up after their split Kim was very sad but their relationship ended.

Damon Thomas with Kim 2004

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Kim First Husband Damon Thomas is an American music producer kim and demon Thomas met in 2004 through a mutual friend at a party a few weeks later rumours started flying that Kim Kardashian is dating Damon Thomas their dating rumours were not confirmed but soon news came that Kim Kardashian has eloped with demon at the time Kim Kardashian was 19 years old and Damon Thomas was 29.

Damon Thomas, her ten-year-old senior, became highly domineering and possessive of his wife. “Damon chose what we were going to do and when we were going to do it.
He forced his wife to drop out of college because he wouldn’t let her work.
He was always protective, always wanting to know where she was and who she was with.
“Damon warned me not to leave the home unless I notified him what I was doing and where I was going,” she needed permission to leave the house to see old school mates.

Later it was confirmed that Kim Kardashian has secretly married Damon Thomas many questions were raised about their age difference what then seemed like a fairy tale turned out to be a marriage from hell soon Kim Kardashian filed for divorce according to her divorce papers Damon was a very controlling husband who physically abused Kim leaving her battered and bruised Kim Kardashian said in an interview.

That Damon kept her away from her family in public events demon even forced her to get lip surgery fans are happy that Kim Kardashian divorced Demon Thomas.

Where is Damon’s Thomas and His Current Location
He is presently the CEO and owner of “Thomas Krown Records.” The company has collaborated with a number of well-known singers, including Justin Beiber, Baby Face, Justin Timberlake, Toni Braxon, and Beyonce.

Ray J and Kim Tape Controversy

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American singer songwriter and rapper Ray j and Kim kardashian started dating in 2005. they were a pretty lovely couple ray j is the man responsible for the infamous adult tape that leaked and made kim Kardashian popular Kim Kardashian and ray j loved each other but they broke up after the tape was leaked in 2007.

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The tape was released by vivid entertainment according to a media report vivid entertainment bought the sex tape for 1 million later Kim Kardashian sued vivid entertainment for 5 million this week brought Kim Kardashian to mainstream media and her popularity started rising later that year Kim Kardashian producer her own reality show named keeping up with Kardashian according to fans. Ray j is the real person why kardashian’s are so famous.

Nick Latchy and Kim

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Nick latchy is an American actor singer and television personality Kim Kardashian and nick latchy met in 2006. at the time nick lanchi divorced his wife and hooked up with Kim Kardashian however their romance was short-lived and they broke up nick lachy later claimed that Kim Kardashian used him to get famous according to nick the first date was at a film theatre but when they left there were 30 photographers waiting outside to click a picture according to a report Kim set it up in order to get a snap in the papers.

Rapper Nick cannon Met Kim

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Nick cannon is an American comedian rapper and actor Kim Kardashian and nick cannon dated from 2006 to 2007. according to a report nick cannon set his eyes on Kim Kardashian even before they met kim and nick shared a short relationship for almost a year in 2007 kim and nick officially announced their breakup fans believe Kim Kardashian lies was the main reason behind the split in a 2013 interview nick revealed that

The infamous tape was the cause of their breakup he also said that he believed kim was also involved in leaking the tape however kim kardashian always denied these allegations.

Reggie bush Dated Kim

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Reggie bush is a former American footballer Kim kardashian and Reggie bush dated for three years Kim met Reggie in 2007 for the first time after a romantic dinner date it seemed that Kim Kardashian has found her

True love Kim Kardashian and Reggie bush were extremely happy about their relationship the pair soon became a power couple Kim Kardashian and reggie bush appeared on the cover of many popular magazines on a weekly basis however in 2010 she broke up it is said that both were very busy and that is the reason behind their split, she later revealed that they are still good friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo Date Kim Kardashian

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In 2010 Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer it seems like the reality star has a thing for athletes this time Kim Kardashian moved across the border and hooked up with Spanish soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo while their physical attraction was strong the couple didn’t share any common interests and their relationship ended after their first public outing together.

Kid Justin Bieber with Kim

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Justin drew Bieber is a Canadian singer after sharing a romantic shoot together in 2011 for l magazine it was reported that the duo was actually in a real relationship at the time Kim Kardashian was 29 and Justin Bieber was only 16. it was one of kim’s most controversial moments justin added fuel to the fire by tweeting a picture of him and kim with the caption me and my Girlfriend social media took it and rolled with it Kim later confirmed that they were never an item and that she wanted to hook him up with her younger sister Kendall.

Miles Austin and Kim

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Miles Austin is an American football coach Kim moved on to a new boyfriend and NFL player after her public split with Reggie bush although things seemed to be going smoothly with miles Austin their romance was short-lived only lasting a few months sources cited that the split was due to their crazy schedules and not spending any quality time together.

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Gabriel Aubrey with Kim

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Gabriel Aubrey is a Canadian model Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry were spotted at a lakers game together in november 2010. just a month later though the pair had called it quits kim thought that he was jJust using her for her fame other sources however cited that kim had already started seeing her next love interest was a bouncer and bodyguard to kim kardashian the ever spontaneous reality star hooked up with her bodyguard during the filming of kim and Kourtney take new York.

However it was nothing more than a one-night stand shingo was offered bribes by publications to spill the intimate details of their encounter but he remained tight-lipped and stayed loyal to Kim.

Chris Humphries With Kim

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Chris Humphries is an American former professional basketball player who played in the national basketball association in 2010 kim met her second husband Chris Humphries after dating for just five months the pair got engaged and married in the same year In a lavish 20 million wedding that was broadcasted live however their marriage only lasted a short 72 days after witnessing the clash of personalities and arguments on the reality tv show Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries broke up Kim Kardashian later said that it was a big mistake.

Rapper Drake and Kim

kim kardashian dating drake post filing for divorce from kanye west
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Drake is a Canadian rapper singer and songwriter after drake’s famous feud With kanye west fans broke the internet with elaborate theories that kim kardashian dated drake kim however was quick to shut them down by tweeting a video of the crazy rumours with the caption it never happened shortly after she warned drake in another social post to leave her family alone K.

Kanye west with Kim

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Kanye west is an American rapper record producer and businessman Kim Kardashian and Kanye west met in 2004. In 2008 kanye insisted Kim appear on his hip-hop music video called Alligator boobs in April 2012 Kanye admitted he loved Kim Kardashian a few weeks later they were spotted in public together for the first time in new York city.

Kanye and Kim started getting cozy as a couple Kanye announced that Kim was pregnant with their first child during a new year’s eve performance in Atlantic City Kim then confirmed the news in a blog post on her website in 2013.

kim and kanye attended their first med gala as a couple on June 15 2013 Kim gave birth to their daughter north west to the hospital in lost Angeles in October Kanye rented out a stadium and proposed to kim kardashian the pair graced the cover of Boge magazine in april 2014 becoming the

First biracial couple to land the coveted spot in may 2014 they got married in an extravagant ceremony in italy a photo of them kissing against a backdrop of gorgeous flowers became the most liked instagram photo of that year just after celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary kim announced she was pregnant with the couple’s second child kim gave birth to her second baby saint

West on december 5th 2015. after reports surfaced that kim and kanye had hit a rough patch kim kardashian released a video on her app to clear up the misconception and assure fans that the couple was going strong toward the end of 2020 the couple was reportedly focusing on their own individual endeavors in january 2021 multiple outlets reported that kim is preparing to file for divorce

Following reports that she was preparing to enter marriage kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021.

In 2022 Kim Kardashian Currently Dating Pate Davidson.

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Things are heating up between Kim kardashian and Pete Davidson yes a source tells e.t the two are casually dating and seeing where things go quote Pete is really into Kim and excited about her Kim likes Pete as well but isn’t rushing into anything serious it’s a different experience for sure meanwhile another source tells e.t Kim has been protective of her ex kanye west and his feelings adding that she’s been

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Trying to keep her hangouts with Pete low key because she doesn’t know how kanye will react i’m just extremely happy can you tell by my face an additional source tells e.t Kim and kanye’s co-parenting relationship and friendship changes almost daily depending on kanye’s mood one day he wants to get back together with kim and the next day he is blocking her number kim is over any drama at the end of the day life is about

Being happy this all comes on the heels of the 41 year Old’s beauty founder and the 27 year old Saturday night live star having dinner together last week in Staten island just days after they were first seen holding hands on a roller coaster Halloween weekend at not scary farm at the time a source told et quote Kim and Pete like each other they are trying to play it off that they are just friends but it’s a little more than that right

Now they’re having a lot of fun together Pete makes Kim laugh and makes her feel special pete is obviously thrilled and has a major crush on kim and shortly after all that kanye’s appearance on revolts podcast drink champs dropped and he made it clear he wants his estranged wife back snl making my wife say i divorced him on tv because they just wanted to get that bar off and i am not never even seen the papers we’re not even divorced

So how we because that ain’t no joke to me of course kim filed for divorce back in February and when the reality star hosted Saturday night live last month she addressed their split during her opening monologue when i divorced him you have to know it came down to just one thing his personality i know that sounds mean but people keep telling me that comedy comes from truth

And if there’s one thing that i always strive to be it’s genuine one person who’s not laughing kanye my kids want their parents to stay together i want their parents i want us to be together but if you like me together too if you look at the media that’s not what they promoting that’s not what they want they want it to be a new way wedding a new episode a new tv show and then they had people all around and my wife here you know this is

Publicist that’s next to her i don’t with her and just in case you didn’t catch his drift kanye double down i want to pull my family back together i’m assuming this interview is not that helpful to that but that’s my family hulu of course after 20 seasons one the kardashian Jenner family is now gearing up for their new reality series on hulu which explains kanye’s reference to the streaming service and while the rapper may still be calling his ex his quote

Wife because she’s still my wife it ain’t no it ain’t no paperwork over the weekend the Grammy winner was spotted with model venetria the two were photographed sitting courtside at the debut donda academy basketball game in minneapolis a private non-affiliated high school in l.a that is dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders the 22 year old model also seemingly attended kanye’s sunday service last week posting this to her

Insta story so for now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with kim and kanye but let me send you off on a high note with a little kim and pete cuteness from their sketch on snl i mean i like you just the way you are now are you gonna kiss me or not i sure am jasmine you.