Kylie Jenner & Stormi Cuddle Up In Italy For Kourtney Kardashian’s Wedding

Now that’s amore! Kylie Jenner brought the cutest plus-one to sister Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding in Italy over the weekend.

The beauty mogul and her daughter, Stormi, posed for adorable photos on the portofino coast while celebrating Kourt’s nuptials with Travis Barker.

Now that’s amore kylie Jenner brought the cutest plus one to sister kourtney kardashian’s wedding in Italy the beauty mogul and her daughter Stormi posed for adorable photos on the Portofino coast while celebrating court’s eye dues with Travis barker.

Over the weekend the pair were picture perfect and ready for summer dresses while holding hands and exploring the stunning scenery

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Kylie revealed the outing in a series of instagram pics and teased that stormy got to bring a friend along for the trip her doll coconut and the four-year-old even snapped her own shots of her famous mom kylie also gave fans an up-close look at some of the lavish festivities from the stunning dining table to a sunny boat ride with wine and snacks and it looks like stormy had a blast too and of course the reality star showed

Off her jaw-dropping glam routine Kravis’s Italian nuptials mark their third wedding they previously surprised fans with a practice ceremony in Las Vegas after the Grammys in April and they made things legal at the Santa Barbara California courthouse last weekend before heading overseas foosh founder recently told access Hollywood’s kid hoover what inspired her and the blake 182 drummer to first take the plunge in sin city

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The second we got to vegas actually we just started you know talking about the idea and then after some 8-1-8 it was just there was no option how soon from maybe the real deal your first wedding i don’t know we’re just kind of seeing how we feel uh i love that or the trailer it showed that you said you want to have a baby in a dream world how many babies with

Travis because you literally i it was a mom of three i cannot believe the way you deliver i just bow down to you um i would love to in a dream world so oh my gosh what just that’s a lot of kids but look at mom she’s crazy and we each have three so six seven eight nice even number right i like that

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