Lego teases The Office set with iconic prank and Michael Scott quote

The Office is being converted right into a Lego set, and it even consists of an iconic Michael Scott quote.

Only days after saying a big animatronic Bowser, Lego has hinted at every other every other epic launch on Twitter.

Alongside a photograph of a Lego stapler caught interior a few jello, with an workplace historical past of Dwight’s table, the Lego Ideas account penned: ‘The factor approximately a sensible shaggy dog story is you need to realize while to stop… too terrible we’re simply getting started.’

For the uninitiated, the item-in-jello prank is an iconic recurrence withinside the the series, with the objects being Dwight’s stapler, Michael’s ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug and Andy’s calculator.

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It all begins off evolved with Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) thinks of the hilarious prank of placing Dwight Schrute III’s (Rainn Wilson) stapler in a few jello, which ends up in Dwight asking Michael (Steve Carrell) to hearthplace Jim.

However, Michael thinks the complete prank is hilarious and tells Dwight to consume the stapler out of the jello mould, earlier than looking to mock Dwight too.

Michael’s iconic quote then drops, because the enigmatic workplace supervisor reacts to the prank, all withinside the first ever episode.

While the trace changed into quite small, it changed into sufficient to ship lovers right into a frenzy, with one writing: ‘Just take my cash already,’ as every other penned:

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The Office US, which aired among 2005 and 2015, is primarily based totally on the United Kingdom’s display of the identical name, starring Ricky Gervais.

The US model of the sitcom additionally functions Jenna Fischer and Mindy Kaling, even as the United Kingdom programmes functions Martin Freeman and Macknezie Crook.

Lego have already created Friends units which of direction consist of Monica and Rachel’s rental in addition to Joey and Chandler’s, or even the Original Buffay portray Phoebe created.

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