Meghan & Harry Arrive In The UK In An Unexpected Fashion

Megan and harry went back to the uk for the platinum jubilee but how they made the trip is making headlines why all the fuss and why didn’t they join the queen on the balcony keep watching to find out in an interview with the today show in april 2022.

Prince harry opened up about his visit with his Grandmother in London on his way to the invictus games in the Netherlands being with her.

It was great it was just so nice to see her though the two share a close relationship it was up in the air if harry and his wife Meghan markle would make the trek to the united kingdom for her platinum jubilee celebrations.

After their shocking interview with oprah winfrey in march 2021 all eyes were on the now distant royals and whether they would be celebrating the queen’s special milestone my father and my brother they are trapped they don’t get to leave and i have huge compassion for that in fact the couple will be attending the celebrations and are bringing along their two children Archie and lillabet as well the queen’s platinum jubilee consists of a series of events celebrating 70 years of service from the iconic matriarch some of these events are accessible to the public like a parade for her birthday.

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The first ever corgi grand national which honors the queen’s love for the adorable breed But before megan and harry could attend any events celebrating the queen they already caused a stir the reasoning their travel accommodations for their trip across the pond according to page six.

The royal couple chose not to travel from los Angeles to London on a private jet the outlet reports that the couple chose to fly commercial rather than charter a private plane and that they arrived in london with a few staffers and their children.

Their time abroad will be a big deal for the family as queen Elizabeth ii has never met her granddaughter lilibet the california-based pair were likely looking to make a statement by opting not to charter their own private plane.

The celebrity couple were branded hypocrites after using private jets to fly across the states to attend a global citizen live event in New York City in september 2021.

The music festival and climate change awareness event decried.

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The global elite for their extensive carbon emissions and urged them to do better royal author penny junor told the sun at the time i do think this is hypocrisy i’m sure there were plenty of scheduled flights i do not understand why they are behaving as if they are superstars his father has been known to take scheduled flights his brother takes scheduled flights this totally muddies the waters of their climate message the couple’s friend sir elton john who

Performed at global citizen live in paris clarified on twitter that he provided them with his own private jet john also noted to support prince harry’s commitment to the environment.

We ensured their flight was carbon neutral by making the appropriate contribution to carbon footprint moreover at a subsequent appearance in Amsterdam the prince confirmed he typically spends in his words 99 of his travel time flying commercial harry reasoned that private

Jets are simply a safer option sometimes once megan and harry’s presence at the queen’s platinum jubilee was confirmed fans began to speculate about just how involved the sussexes would be in the celebratory weekend.

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as the guardian notes it was quickly reported that they would not be permitted to join her majesty on the balcony at Buckingham palace for trooping the color her annual birthday event the reason behind this decision was that megan and harry.

Alongside disgraced son prince andrew are no longer working royals however the celebrity couple are expected to attend plenty of other events over the long weekend including a thanksgiving service at st paul’s cathedral per express an overwhelming majority of british people supported the queen’s decision not to have them on the balcony with her however omid scobee the couple’s biographer and close friend claimed that they didn’t want to be up there in the First place in a column for yahoo news scobee wrote that the Sussex’s felt it would be inappropriate since they defected from the royal family and harry had reportedly even spoken with his grandmother about not attending trooping the color long before the press announced it check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more list videos about the British royal family.

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