Miles Teller In Talks With Tom Cruise For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Follow-Up Film

Hollywood actor Miles Teller, who performs the son of Maverick’s overdue first-rate buddy Goose, contrary Tom Cruise in one of the highest-grossing movies of the year ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, discovered that he has been having conversations with Cruise across the follow-up film, reviews Deadline.

The actor, quoted via way of means of Deadline, informed Entertainment Tonight: “I’ve been having a few conversations with him (Tom Cruise) approximately it. We’ll see.”

Teller introduced, though, that the selection might unavoidably be as much as Cruise, who to begin with did not delight in the possibility of creating a sequel earlier than bestowing his mythical dedication to the film. “That might be great, however this is all as much as TC,” Teller said. “It’s all as much as Tom.”

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Deadline introduced that Cruise, meanwhile, stays difficult at paintings on his latest ‘Mission Impossible film. He turned into final visible capturing scenes in London in among journeys to observe the tennis movement at Wimbledon and the Rolling Stones live performance at Hyde Park.

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