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Let’s check out the brand new song by my chemical romance called the foundations of dk this has been out for like an hour or something so this is brand new.

I know nothing about it i’ve not listened to it i don’t know any context about it all i know is that people absolutely love my chemical romance and people are losing their minds over this so let’s check it out let’s listen to it.

What i can see already is that it is six minutes long um and uh that’s not a good sign because i don’t want six-minute songs from MCR uh some people are also saying that it’s darker so i’m a little bit nervous

Because i don’t really want dark MCR you know i like uh i’m not okay which obviously is dark to some extent but you know i like the more poppy upbeat stuff that said you know.

My chemical romance

They’re certainly very talented and i’m open to whatever I’m interested to hear what they are up to so let’s check it out okay so it’s uh six minutes of dark ambient did they go mers bow this is a mers belt cover

I hate death metal are you crazy do you watch any of my videos you think i hate death metal you’re out of your mind sounds like cold play so far edgy cold play edgy beetles.

That’s what it sounds like edgy beetles I’m nervous about putting this on YouTube because i know MCR fans are crazy and insane and if i say anything negative i’ll get blasted in

The comments and they’ll dislike the video so i don’t know if i want to put this up or not because I’m already pretty sure that I’m not going to like it um but we shall see the Goth beetles.

That’s what it is Goth beetles yes November rain but it’s mcr that’s what this is we need Gerard in you know the pirate outfit like axel rose or as i like to call him alex rose in the November rain video that’s what we need

To really complete the feel okay is it gonna start rocking this is a very strange mix um it’s like very compressed and distorted and the vocals are buried

it’s not what i was expecting you know so far i mean obviously we’ve only been listening to this for a minute and a half so it’s too early to draw any conclusions but if i was gonna come back after a decade.

I don’t know this is the song i would put out but let’s see where it goes i mean his voice sounds good i will say that it’s hard to hear his voice because of this mix obviously it’s intentional in their part for whatever reason they thought that was the right move to make.

I’m not so sure i agree with that i mean i think with this band Gerard’s voice is really the focus of the band so to me

That should be front and centre kind of strange but even so i can still hear that he still sounds good i mean it’s gerard he’s great so not surprised by that something about like.

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It was there the day the towers fell so he wandered down the road i don’t know if that’s like a reference to 911.

That would make sense since these guys are from new jersey they’re about the same age as me

And i was uh i was 20 how old was i 22 23 when that happened um i guess i right after i turned 23 so big event for us  i kind of agree with this it sounds more like an underground Emo band featuring Gerard more than it sounds like classic MCR

I agree with that i kind of keep waiting for the song to Start you know what i mean i feel like it keeps like ramping up but then never really starting this is okay but it’s not if i wanted a big comeback song this would not be it yeah this visualizer

Legendary band right but a very strange choice of song and visualizer you know maybe they’ve got a second single coming up that’s the banger i don’t know but this feels like an opener track in the visualizer.

I don’t know what’s going on there but it’s hard to see it seems strange to me like this is a very strange choice i’m curious what people are saying mcr keeps secrets better than most

Governments how do you keep something this grand and glory is hidden but now it’s out and fabulous well i agree with the first part of that it actually is impressive that they kept something like this secret.

I mean mcr comeback is like if you were to leak that you would get like infinite clout right so i agree with that part but it’s out now and it’s fabulous i don’t agree with that i know a lot of people are going to be mad at me for this i know i’m supposed to say

That this is the best thing ever um but i don’t think it is i mean it’s not that it’s bad it’s just like it feels like you know an opener track or you know i don’t know

it’s it’s not a single in my opinion this is a new mcr they have all the memories of the past the experience of having diverged and seeing different things excited to see what new notes they bring to the sound and story i agree i mean that’s cool i’m interested to hear

You know what mcr sounds like with them being you know in their 40s and as far as i know they’ve gotten over a lot of the you know issues with like substance abuse and alcoholism and mental health and some of those other things that may have dragged them down in the past so what do they sound like you know in their present state uh i would be interested to hear that um or i thought i was interested to hear that until i heard that it was this i’m

Sorry i’m not trying to talk on them i respect the  out of them i just it’s kind of a let-down to me you know i would even rather hear danger days than this never knew i could receive a notification for a new song by MCR and their sound really developed into something different raw feels like i’m listening to polish sound from the bullets here i kind of agree with that and i don’t like that version of MCR um

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That said i would say that their fans now probably want something more dark and edgy right it’s like when they reboot some old series and they make it grim dark like nobody wants you know they want the cartoons of their childhood to come back as edgy grim and dark not the cartoons of their childhood right i’m a little bit different you know i don’t want things to go edgy and grim and dark i’ve had enough darkness and edgy things in my life i

Want something nice and upbeat but i think their fans will probably like this went straight to itunes and purchased the song that’s how you know their fans are old they purchased a song on itunes this is like i brought you my bullets grew big and tall and decided to show the world everything it’s learned over the past two decades i’m so so pleased to hear it yeah i mean i think it’s kind of the same thing as some 41.

Fans now don’t want them to do pop punk what they want some 41 to do is edgy dark metal that’s not what i want and what i want from mcr is not six minute long like dark kind of moody screaming that’s not what i want but you know i’m not their core fan base i know everyone bitched about danger days when it came out okay they got a metal part so we know their fans are gonna love

This because when your fan base is older doing something that’s more metal is always gonna please them almost sounds like the breakdown part of uh unholy confessions right they dropped the song at like 5 p.m and all the elder emos are probably stuck in their evening

Traffic commute unaware of what’s happening ah imagine that being an elder Emo stuck in your evening commute or stuck picking your kid up from day-care and missing out on the new MCR song now there’s people who like danger days now this mix is very strange there’s like so much reverb on everything I don’t tend to like reverb on rhythm guitars to me.

It like usually makes them kind of muddy so much reverb on everything his voice is so like buried it’s a very strange direction for this and that’s no hate on the mixer you know the mixer is doing.

What the band directed this is obviously what they wanted um very strange choice to me this part makes sense in the context of Gerard doing the song with matt heapy’s side project it’s true

Yeah this is true it’s the 10-year rule danger days is from 2010 so it’s considered good now it’s so true I’ve talked about the 10-year rule before and it’s true anything that was hated 10 years ago roughly speaking will eventually be considered you know it’ll turn the corner it’ll be considered great and true and real music and all that stuff sometimes it takes longer than 10 years for example limp biscuit

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I don’t think it’s great and i def it’s definitely not what i wanted you know i want an anthem from mcr right i mean that’s what they’re great at maybe more than anyone else in the genre that’s what they’re best at like.

I’m not okay in black parade like those are anthems right like to this day you put those on an emo night everyone is going to drop their doing and sing along these are anthems that everybody from the last 20 years of

Alternative music knows that’s really what i want from them um and i’m sure they’re aware of that they don’t make music to please me so who really gives a  but this is definitely not.

What i wanted from them i agree with this i respect the ambition but it’s not what i would choose from a legacy band like MCR for a comeback that’s exactly how i feel

Well there we have it that is the new song by my chemical romance called the foundations of decay for me personally like i said it’s not really what i wanted from them.

What i will say is that i do have hope like it definitely doesn’t suck right it’s just not really what i wanted that i wanted that anthem and this is more of like a warm up what i will say is that you know they’ve always had a lot of storytelling around their music

And this song is called the foundations of dk so it almost does sort of sound like a warm-up or the foundation for what might come next so i can imagine this being like the angsty tense kind of wind-up and maybe the next song will be that big anthem.

That we’ve been wanting to hear i don’t know or on the other hand maybe they could just say you know what it we’re gonna do what we want we don’t care if people like it or not.

I respect that too but for me personally uh this is not what i was hoping i was sort of dreading that it would be this edgy brooding moody long song this dark kind of bummer song that’s what it was it seems like their fans are loving it so who gives a  what i think but that is my opinion on foundations of dk so what do you all think kind of liked it thumbs down you say the word legacy band

I realized for a few short years from the 1499 black parade shirts at target i mean do they not already have those wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did someone’s giving it a 10 a thumbs down not very boring a couple thumbs up

But you guys aren’t loving it overall yeah i hope the second song sounds like okay that’s what i want too who has six minutes to listen to a song i agree with that too i don’t like long slow songs me neither no we’re not we’re

Not doing out of tens we’re still doing thumbs up thumbs down remember our scale is a thumbs up or thumbs down one or the other no fence sitters.

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