Ozark Season Intense Ending Part 2 | Netflix Review

We had an incredible cliff-hanger where ruth was out for revenge at the end of part one but is part two the finale of ozark satisfying.

I am emotional the finale of Ozark is here i’ve seen the final seven episodes.

About as much as we can and i’m gonna hopefully give you guys an idea of the payoff where a lot of these storylines go and whether or not it was worth it to split it up into two parts do 14 episodes should it have been longer we’re gonna hit on all of these things.

Do this in episode eight the first episode in part two devastated by a tremendous loss ruth heads to chicago to enact revenge as marty tries to talk her out of doing something she may regret.

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Gonna get some violence which should be intriguing for some people let’s talk about uh the resolution of that crazy climactic moment.

we got at the end of last episode and i’m not going to tell you how it goes again this is a spoiler free review, but Ruth’s journey is something that I’ve been so fascinated by and we got so much from her at the beginning of this season.

But in part two she is so determined to make things right she is using her emotions to dictate where she goes and what she does but her plan here is a plan that could get her into some trouble.

If not executed the right way but if done in general so that’s kind of what we’re focused on in this episode and it really is an episode all about ruth we get very simple moments of her in her car on her way to execute this plan.

Whether or not she goes through with it that’s something for you all to see but it was the more quiet moments in this episode that really hit me there is a part where Ruth goes into a restaurant and has a conversation with a stranger about really about music but the themes that they’re exploring there and how everything’s kind of culminating and coming together.

In this first episode back felt so satisfying for me like i love the episode it’s unexpected it’s shocking and we’re getting back into Wendy and Marty trying to make things right but really trying to expedite the Fallout of everything going on with Omar.

Against trying to work with but at the same time there’s a lot of intensity there is javi and there’s also that tension between javi and omar that gets explored in this second part of the season that just creates unexpected fallout.

Now they aren’t the only ones that play here you have omar’s sister javi’s mother who played a minor role up until this point but her presence in this part of this season is something that i did not anticipate at all and

It’s really up to some of these less prominent up until this point side characters to shoulder take a lot of this on and run with it in this season not only her.

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We have other characters that come back into the fold now i don’t want to reveal which characters are more and less prominent, i will say detective miller not as big of a role this time around it’s more so what’s going on beyond the agencies beyond the bureaus behind the scenes.

We get a lot of incredibly brutal moments with characters like Claire obviously Ruth the way he comes back into the fold is fascinating and again this part too.

There’s so much you have to do here there’s so much you have to bring together a lot of loose ends that you have to try and tie does the finale do that.

we’ll talk about here in just a little bit but those performances are the pillar of what makes this season run

But then obviously you have the birds wendy and marty yes we’ll talk about them but the kids play a huge role in this season the fallout with the kids and wendy’s father.

I have to give a huge shout out what a performance by a character who again that’s the theme of the review i guess a character that becomes more important as the season goes along but it’s this showdown between he and wendy obviously what happened with his son wendy’s brother

That comes back into play here but wendy in general it’s this constant back and forth trying to one-up each other he is wanting things that it feels like he wants to be a good person but it also feels like he wants so that he can one-up his daughter he can win but you know wendy we know her very well at this point she wants to win she wants to be the best she’s become a character that we love to root against and poor marty.

He is stuck trying to please her and that’s a big conversation in this part of this season is the more that we see marty doing and putting his life at risk in this part too.

All throughout part two doing it over and over just because he feels like he has to do it because his life’s at stake.

If he doesn’t but he’s also doing it because he knows this is something that Wendy is going to be happy with and that’s this slow tension raising series of events that Continues to move very prominently until that final episode.

Back to the kids back to Sophia and Skyler who play charlotte and Jonah growing up before our very eyes really all throughout the series but this season in particular it feels like they’re taking on responsibilities that they have never had to take on before but also kind of accepting and embracing a few things that

I didn’t know if they would before the series ended and they did it may?

Surprise some people the route the direction that they go but i thought it was a solid and realistic direction that’s one thing i can say about this season it all feels like it’s going down as realistic as possible.

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I can appreciate that obviously with what happened to Wyatt and Darlene Ruth in this season uh she brings someone back into the picture that i really appreciate and respect I’m glad we got more of that story .

she is also a force right there are numerous forces in this part that are going up against the birds she is one of those forces there is that relationship with marty but there is so much between the two sides

Where marty you can tell that he feels something for ruth we’re as windy well there’s just not much we can do in this situation and that’s going to create for some amazing moments some crazy scenes between them and julia garner’s performance in this season is freaking phenomenal.

We saw her moment that’s kind of become a meme at the end of part one where she shouts out kill me she has a couple of those in this part one in particular in the last couple of episodes that just gives you chills.

You think about it so she gets her due Laura linney maybe the performance of this entire series in this part of this season and of course jason bateman who is slowly becoming one of my favorite actors the way he embraces this Character is incredible.

The way he kind of embraces the role that he has to play see i was expecting the show to kind of go in one direction with Wendy’s character but it goes that direction with Marty’s character just as much as Wendy in this part of this season.

That was kind of like okay and I’m not going to say which direction that is they really got me with some of these twists and these reveals we know the direction is going to be good Jason Bateman actually directs a couple of episodes in this part uh and they are phenomenal.

I believe he did the finale episode as well and that’s an episode that we get to right i’m on episode 14 thinking to myself oh my god this is it they still have so much to do how are they going to be able to do it all in an hour

I will admit this right here and now i still feel like, I need more time to process everything that went down even though it’s been a couple of days since I finished i wanted to let it marinate in my brain.

I wasn’t fully satisfied with the finale now that’s not me saying the finale is bad and I’ve actually liked a lot of the choices the more that I’ve been able to think about them so it’s not a diss on the finale it’s just the way that it ends.

I’m telling you right now it’s going to divide fans there are going to be so many people that are drastically just unhappy i hate the way that this went.

Why did it not wrap everything up because it did not wrap everything up it wrapped up i would say the most important and prominent story points but when the series ends this series everything is done.

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When it ends i still had questions they weren’t necessarily questions of what just happened it’s more so well what happens now you know it’s that kind of inning and I’m trying not to dive into specifics but they did not fully bring everything home in the way that i expected and sometimes expectations they can set you up for failure and I’ll fully admit.

I had my expectations in one place they did not do that that doesn’t mean it’s bad it just means it ended in a way.

Like okay i don’t know it was really interesting it was entertaining and i love the choice i love the moment so it’s not necessarily the scene it’s what happens after the scene it’s the fallout of said.

scene and it ends in a place that makes all of the sense in the world i just don’t know if i’m fully satisfied and really that’s my only major complaint with this season i

Loved all of the characters the exploration the depth that they give a lot of these side characters and how they build the bird family and we saw what happened in the beginning of the season.

How it’s setting up things to come back together at the end of the season they do give you a payoff on that i appreciate that but at the end of the day.

I was fully on board with the finale otherwise the tone the writing the shocking moments all throughout this season the revelations all of that worked extremely well.

So i was really satisfied with this season overall especially at the moments in part two i still have a lot to think about with that final episode.

What could happen next with these characters the spot that they’re in now will have fans talking but in a way that’s a good thing i think discussion is a great part of a series like this, but when you’re making the comparisons right is it a breaking bad ending no but it’s definitely not one of the worst endings we’ve ever seen.

I think far from it before I give you guys my score let me know down below do you even want a spoiler review appreciate your comments.

And if you enjoyed this video hit that like it helps the algorithm I’m going an 80 overall for season four really a top-notch season other than a bit of an anti-climactic, final episode finale in general just left me with some questions.

That i need to talk about i need to discuss uh but that takes nothing away from the script and just the way that everything comes together i love these characters.

I think Jason Bateman is awesome with his direction in some of these episodes and Ozark is just one of those series that i think is going to have people talking for a long time one of Netflix’s staples

i need your thoughts would love some discussion this is it guys it’s the finale i’ll see you soon.

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