New Leak For Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hayden Christensen Talks Surprises & More Star Wars News!

We’ve got a new leak for the Kenobi series a Tidbit if you will and Hayden Christensen has teased some really big surprises so without much further ado and without any more jibber jabber let’s dive straight into it so today is Monday which marks the start of one of the biggest weeks of the year for star wars we’ve got obi-wan Kenobi

Episodes 1 and 2 on Friday and from Thursday through Sunday it’s star wars celebration where we’re expecting exclusive looks at upcoming shows as well as news and star wars announcements and in light of the release of obi-wan kenobi over the last few months.

I’ve been going through all of the making star wars leaks as they’ve come out and we’ve now got a pretty solid idea of the structure of the show now i know there are some people who are sceptical over

Whether they’re true or not but bear in mind making star wars is the most reliable leaker out there and so today guys we’ve got a new tidbit for the series now one of the most anticipated parts for the show are flashbacks to obi-wan and anakin i think that’s something we all can’t wait to see ewen and hayden together again side by side and while we know of one flashback from the leaks we’ve now got some new information in the most recent live

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Stream making star wars revealed that during filming for one scene in which obi-wan is riding his eop deborah chow gave young mcgregor instructions to act as if he’s remembering anakin and hearing his voice it takes obi-wanna back and it’s quite a dramatic moment now they do say they don’t know if this means we’re going to hear anakin’s voice in that scene or if it was just acting directions but this is pretty significant especially in the way the

Series is trying to build up to those two jewels between fader and obi-wan in the second half of the show it’s not just darth vader in the present day that’s being focused on here but obi wan’s ptsd of having lost anakin remnants of anakin skywalker reside in obi-wan’s mind he can’t get rid of them and random memories are gonna pop up and come to him sporadically and i think it makes a lot of sense if we do get a hidden voice over and show us what

Obi-wan is going through mentally it’s such a big part of his brokenness and grieving process and if we do hear anakin that would be amazing fan service and they might even include lines from revenge of the seth probably dialogue from the fight on mustafar would be fitting such as anakin screaming i hate you or maybe even from my point of view the jedi are evil or perhaps even the deleted line that george muted from episode 3 when anakin is burning anakin

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Screams help me master as a final p to obi-wan and if you look closely you see hayden’s lips mouthing the line but it was later muted in post the addition of an emotional line like those would really be impactful in kenobi’s day-to-day struggle in the series that is something really crucial to the narrative of this show so that is the tidbit my dear friends let me know what you think in the comments down below do you want to hear anakin’s voice in

Obi-wan’s head building up to the dramatic reunion the two big jewels of this series between vader and obi-wan and so now guys a brand new interview by radio times with hayden christensen and this time unlike any interview before he has teased some fun surprises in the show star wars various disney plus series have built something of a reputation for big reveals whether that’s the shock return of a major character or a plot twist set to shake

The foundations of a galaxy far far away and following in the footsteps of the mandalorian and the book of boba fett it sounds like the upcoming series obi-wan kenobi is going to be no exception at least according to hayden christensen in its own words he said i don’t want to give away any secrets but there are a lot of really fun surprises in store and i’m just really excited for people to see this because it’s a great story he went on to say you know we’re getting to

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See ewan mcgregor’s obi-wan kenobi at a sort of time in his life that is pivotal for him and he’s in a very dark place and there’s just lots of great stuff there to explore i think fans are gonna like it they say that throughout the interview hayden christensen was bursting with secrets even suggesting there are gonna be quite a few twists in the plot and some shocking returns too but he does make it very clear he’s not giving anything away so a really

Exciting tease let’s see what’s in store on friday so share your thoughts in the comments down below guys if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give me a big fat thumbs up subscribe if you’re new and i’ll see you in the next one may the force be with you always i’m megan also known as star wars meg and i’ll see you in the next one.