Nikki Glaser Obsessively Tags Taylor Swift in IG Stories

As a die-hard swift i had to check and see if i’ve ever dm’d her just like in a moment of like she’ll get me.

Hi guys i’m comedian Nikki glazer you might know me from roasting podcasts but you’re really gonna get to know me on my new reality show welcome home nikki glazer coming out may 1st.

Right now we’re about to get down in my dms honestly every time i shoot my shot in dms i stand by the initial statement

Whether or not they are interested in me or not for instance this was years ago i was very single, i loved Eminem i dm’d him best part of the show killed it it was some award show.

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He was on and he was the best part of the show and he did kill it and he did not read it yet and i should probably unsent it it’s from years ago.

That’s embarrassing as a die-hard swifty i had to check and see if i’ve ever dm’d her just like in a moment of like she’ll get me

I haven’t but i have tagged her a lot in my stories so it’s all just like tagging her in stories thankfully i’ve never written her she has commented on one of my posts before that is a true thing that happened.

I only read it once and i can’t read it again because it’s just too much for me i just read it and was like i can’t see it i’m terrified of her i would never dm taylor swift.

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she has a lot going on and she does not need to bother with me and my like obsession with her and like i’m just too much and i want to come off as kind of cool.

But i think i may have just shot myself in the foot with this video damn it no one has ever been so offended by what have said on our roast that they would slide into my dms after the roast of alec baldwin i did a bunch of jokes.

about how i wanted to bang blake griffin you’re so i you in front of my grandparents and people all over twitter are like blake nicki glaser please god put her out of her misery.

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Just like making a bunch of jokes we were constantly being tagged i knew he was seeing it and i was seeing it.

Was like the one out of the whole cast that i was like something might be happening here i’m not sliding in anyone’s dms i want to be clear about that.

I am a happy woman that is maybe in a relationship if we get back together we should just get engaged i don’t know what’s going on see for yourself on the first season of welcome home nikki glazer premiering may 1st on e what relationship advice would you give to Michael b Jordan really none.

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