Pop star Paul Heaton puts £60,000 behind bar at cafés around UK

Paul Heaton invites you to have a drink on him
Beautiful South and House martins star Paul Heaton is to put £60,000 behind the bar at cafés around the UK – including three in Wales.

His generous offer giving suckers a drink on him for his 60th birthday, will see each cantina admit the plutocrat to be put behind the bar hereafter.

Explaining his kind gesture, the songster said “ To celebrate my 60th birthday (on Monday 9th May) I ’d firstly intended to do another bike stint, visiting and performing at 60 cafés across the UK & Ireland.

“ Still, due to recording detainments caused by the epidemic, l ’ve had to defer these plans for the time being. Rather, I ’ve decided that the coming stylish way to celebrate this incoming of age is to opt 60 cafés across the UK & Ireland and put a given quantum of plutocrat behind the bar of each one.

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“ Also, both regulars and yourselves can enjoy a birthday drink on me (until the plutocrat runs out, or the bar runs dry!).

“ The stopgap is to bring people together on the day, whilst recognising that numerous folk who bought my records or showed me support over the times, could do with a atomic party, as we come out of Covid and hit implicit fiscal struggles.

“ Please head over on Monday, show your support and raise a toast to me on my birthday!”

The cafés in Wales which will admit plutocrat for suckers to raise a toast to the songster are

Rummer Tavern – Cardiff

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Hardie’s – Merthyr

The Golden Fleece – Porthmadog

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