“Renovation Goldmine” Season 1 Successful Premier On HGTV Explore More.

Bastion for home and furniture renovation has led them to their own HGTV show that debuts this Saturday night.

Joining us in today’s home with a sneak peek of their new show renovation Gold mine we have Joe and Meg Piercy here with us great to have you both on the Show.

Both guys doing great how are you good I’m doing well first of all congratulations this is so amazing

So exciting and i have to touch on this first of all Joe you have roots to right here in Champaign Illinois yep born and raised and then went to university of Illinois and actually I’m a centennial charger graduate yes go chargers.

That is so cool and it is cool that we have kind of look we have celebrities that we can now watch on HGTV pretty frequently.

Meg Says – Yeah so it’s renovation gold goldmine and we started this company our son actually just turned 10 last weekend and we started it when we painted his changing table and we loved it.

then i was like let’s do it again so we sold it and that’s kind of what started what we have today where we take furniture whether it’s upholstery or its case goods and we bring them back to life through stain and paint.

We’ve also do that in home sales so we find the gold and in things and in places and we try to accentuate that and bring it back to life and save people money.

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While we’re doing it yeah that’s such a cool concept we’re just looking at some of the videos there and it’s so cool that you’re taking the unique approach of trying to help people save money doing something that usually kind of breaks the bank.

I think what we realized is just working with these people before the show and on the show just how common it is when people buy a house.

They don’t take into account how much they have to put into the house whether it’s furniture or rugs or lighting or all those things they just want to buy the house.

They use the maximum of their budget they don’t realize that usually between 10 and 20 of what you buy that house for you’re going to need to then furnish that house.

Where we come in is we can provide furniture from our store sure but by teaching people around the country what they can do with maybe the pieces.

They already have or their grandma and grandpa or their parents or friends or neighbours or thrift shops have and they can just make those beautiful on a dime they can really make that money.

Go so much farther that is so cool that you are informing people of how to keep something that maybe means a lot to you and just make it fit into this new environment that you guys are creating.

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I have to ask what was it like working together through this that’s got to be such a special aspect you know we actually get asked that all the time and one thing people don’t fully understand nick.

I we work together we film together we raise our kids together we’re actually with each other probably 22 to 23 hours a day wow and it’s been like that for like 8 to 10 years  yeah it’s actually funny.

When we were first starting um Joe’s family owns monster shoe store in Champaign and so when we first started this he would drive down the champagne one or two days a week.

It was funny his brothers would tease him like you’re only away from her a day or two a week and you have to be on the phone with her all day while you’re down here But i think i don’t know.

I think they really lucked out we bring out the best in each other and we we’re better together than alone.

So it works out that’s awesome okay was having a tv show the end goal all along or were you just kind of you had your head down and working and then this opportunity came up

We had our head down and working i would say when we started it.

We were desperate we had been trying to flip a house and we had a contractor that we didn’t know was paying the employees and they took all of our money so we were stuck with the house.

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That Joe had to learn how to finish himself because we couldn’t afford to do it and we were pregnant and didn’t have money for a changing table so i would say we definitely.

Made lemonade out of lemons and at that time we were just trying to survive what i will say is that what we did we had so much fun doing it.

Who knows this guy from when he was young now knows that he has a huge and crazy fun personality so once we started kind of documenting what we were doing um it gained steam on instagram quickly.

That’s actually how they contacted us we were not searching for the show but we’re so glad because it’s been a really fun process it’s been five years since they’ve contacted us.

So it’s been a long time and it’s been a journey it’s yeah and and to get this it’s literally like winning the lottery yeah it is so hard especially when you’re not looking for it exactly.

It’s like we didn’t buy the lottery ticket but we won the lottery yeah and then once you win the lottery you have to work even harder to keep it I’d imagine so now of course the Premiere was Successful on Last weekend.

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