The 5 Best New Netflix Shows to Watch in July 2022

As we hit the peak of summer heat, take a reprieve from the sun by watching Netflix’s newest shows, from Lana Condor’s ghost comedy to a new docu series pressing the inner workings of Muay Thai, aka Thai boxing. Check out our recommendations for the 5 stylish new shows on Netflix this Month.

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Hurts Like Hell | Image credit

 “ Hurts Like Hell ”( Available July 13)

 Inspired by the world of Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, “ Hurts Like Hell ” spotlights the inner workings and dark secrets — from illegal gambling to match- fixing — of Thailand’s public sport. conforming of dramatic scenes from the assiduity’s underbelly and in- depth interviews with Muay Thai stagers, the Thai docuseries is a must- watch for July.

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Boo Bitch
Boo, Bitch | image credit

“ Boo, Bitch ”( Available July 8)

 “ To All the Boys ” star Lana Condor returns to high academy in this comedy ghost series. Condor plays Erika Vu, a high academy senior who, despite flying under the radar her whole life, decides to rewrite her story one night — until she finds out in the morning that she’s a ghost. With a timepiece ticking down her time on Earth, Erika sets out to negotiate her most asked tasks — indeed as a ghost.

Keep Breathing | image credit

“ Keep Breathing ”( Available July 28)

 “ In the Heights ” star Melissa Barrera plays a New York attorney, named Liv, who must learn to face her particular challenges to survive in the nature following a aeroplane

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 crash. The suspenser drama series also stars Jeff Wilbusch and Austin Stowell.

resident evil movie standee
Resident Evil | Image credit

 “ Resident Evil ”( Available July 14)

 Grounded on the videotape game series of the same name, “ Resident Evil ” marks the alternate television adaption of the ballot — and the first live- action series adaption, with the series using the videotape game’s plot as its backstory. The sci- fi horror series, set in its own macrocosm, follows two stories one featuring brotherly halves Billie and Jade as they discover their father and Umbrella Corporation’s dark secrets, and another plot, set 14 times latterly, as Jade tries to survive a global catastrophe.

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Uncoupled | Image credit

Uncoupled ”( Available July 29)  Neil Patrick Harris plays a New York real estate agent in “ Uncoupled. ” After his longtime swain breaks up with him and moves out of their apartment, Harris ’ character navigates dating in his 40s and the daunting reality of starting over.

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