Meet “The Bridge” 2022 Contestants New Series On Channel 4

Channel 4’s reality competition The Bridge returns for a compounded 2nd series with new contestants in a new tropical position with Host AJ Odudu who’s joined by adventurer and discoverer Aldo.

There is double the drama and double the plutocrat up for heists as two brigades go head- to- head to be the first to get prize worth of £ 200k Jackpot.

Previous Season The Bridge Series 2 cast

 Basit, Glasgow, Shaun, Lauren, Alex, Kim, Rich, Dawn, AJ Odudu, Aldo Kane, Alim, Ethan, Keira, Lotti, David, Rikaya, Crystal, Frankie

 The Bridge returns this week to Channel 4 with a brand new series – match the rivals taking part!

 The unique reality competition show sees members of the public trying to win a huge cash prize – all they need to do is make a ground to get to it.

Hosted by AJ Odudu who’s joined by adventurer and discoverer Aldo, in the series the rivals must put self-esteem and differences away to attack the ultimate test of physical capability, internal skill and cooperation.

There are two teams of contestants Participating in The Bridge this season.

The Bridge Team North Beach 

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AJ Odudu Hosting The Bridge Season on Channel 4 / image Credit

Brigades have 12 days and bases of water to cross – but along the way they ’ll face surprise dilemmas and devious temptations that disrupt the whole competition as we discover who’s prepared to deceive their teammates for their own particular gain.

 The Bridge airs on Channel 4 from Tuesday, 7 June at 10PM.

The Bridge 2022 Rivals / Contestants

1) Shaun

 Age 29 / Location Birmingham

Shaun grew up between Cornwall and the Philippines. He now works as a model having preliminarily pursued a career in professional basketball as well as working in a academy to support children with special educational requirements.

Shaun is extremely motivated and “ fuelled by pain ” rather than dissuaded by it, he considers one of his biggest strengths to be his work heritage. He likes to lead by illustration, doing the effects no bone

Differently wants to and he has no time for people who do n’t put in any trouble. Shaun’s family is veritably important to him and his mum is his stylish friend. His dream if he won a lot of plutocrat is to help him mum retire.

2) Lauren

 Age 29 / Location– Stoke- on- Trent

Lauren describes herself as “ positive, enthusiastic and exorbitantly energetic ”. She works as a product director for a confectionery company and she has lately taken up figure skating.

Lauren could be the leader in a group and would lead with provocation and positivity, though she’d struggle to deal with negative people.

Lauren thinks her biggest asset is her smiley personality and capability to deal well with negative situations. She says she’s a great prophet and can suppose with a sensible head.

However, she’d like to buy herself a house and take her whoresons to Disneyland, If Lauren won a lot of plutocrat.

3) Rich

 Age 36 / Location Birmingham

Richard worked as a cook before trading in the long, offish hours for a career in IT deals. The nature of his job means he’s largely competitive and believes in ‘ work hard, play harder ’.

Richard considers his strengths to be confidence and respect towards others which allow him to integrate into any platoon. Building connections within a platoon is important to Richard but he admits he is n’t hysterical to “ play the game ” to win.

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Richard went through a divorce in his early 30s and he’s now ready to move on and thinks this is the adventure to help him achieve that.

4) Kim

 Age 35 / Location London

Account director Kim lives with her mum in North London. Kim’s binary family failed in early 2020 and now Kim wants to “ live for us both and do it well ”.

Kim considers her stylish virtue to be minding for others and she loves working in a platoon, motivating her teammates and cheering them on.

She has a passion for trip and she laughs about people her age who are settled down with families – that’s not for her.

She considers herself a leader and is fiercely competitive. She does n’t like working with people who suppose they ’re better than others. However, she’d take her mum on a luxury vacation and also go travelling, If Kim won the jackpot.

5) Dawn

 Age 48 / Location – London

Dawn is delightful-loving mama of four grown- up children. She works as a guardian for the senior and lives her life “ to the maximum, with no regrets ” having had a delicate nonage.

She has noway been married( despite the offers) and lives in stopgap of one day tying the knot in Las Vegas. She’s a typical Gemini and says, “ we have two faces, we can be kind and loving but if you piss us off, you ’ll know about it.

” Dawn describes herself as an nascence womanish and is largely competitive. She likes to see fairness and believes everyone should have a go.

Dawn would use the prize plutocrat to extend her kitchen and also save some plutocrat for her dream marriage for when she finds Mr Right

6) Glasgow

 Age 24 / Location – London

Firstly from Scotland, Glasgow now lives in London and is a PhD pupil reading History of Art at University College London, as well as working in an art gallery.

They bestow with a charity which talks about and normalises LGBTQ issues in seminaries. Glasgow says they’re relatively competitive and their family try to avoid playing games with them because they always win.

Glasgow plodded with their fornication and identity for a long time and would like to help people understand further about non-binary people.

Glasgow considers themselves to be a problem- solver, still, they do n’t inescapably have the confidence to put their ideas forward.

However, they would pay off their pupil debts, If Glasgow were to win the jackpot.

7) Alex

 Age 24 / Location London

Alex is a Cambridge graduate now working as a private instructor and exploration adjunct in London. Alex thinks his sanguinity is a strength which allows him the determination to do anything he puts his mind to, indeed if he lacks the chops to complete a task.

He’s also hyperactive- competitive so noway gives up. Alex’s strong logical chops make him the “ critical thinker ” in a platoon and, if demanded, he’s prepared to manipulate his teammates into turning against each other.

He’s prepared to lie, cheat and betray whoever he needs to in order to come out ontop. However, he’d love to give back and support his grandma in Hong Kong after she helped pay for his education, If Alex were to win.

8) Basit

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 Age 27 / Location London

Bubbly, ball- of- energy Basit was raised by Nigerian parents near Dublin. He says he’s a “ cocky Irish joe ” and “ one of a kind ”. Basit moved to London at the age of 18 to study finance but soon quit to pursue his dream of getting a model and has n’t looked back ago.

Basit considers his biggest strength to be his positive and upbeat energy, he’s a platoon player and would noway leave anyone behind.

However, he’d save the plutocrat to have a big Nigerian marriage, If Basit were to win. Basit is a hopeless romantic and, having come out a couple of times agone , hopes to meet the man of his dreams sooner rather than latterly.

9) Ethan

 Age 28 / Location Wiltshire

Ethan followed generations of men in his family and joined the army at the age of 21. He’s a member of the Royal Military Police and has been stationed in Germany and Afghanistan, amongst other places.

Ethan says his biggest strength is his tone confidence and admits he can come across as arrogant when you first meet him, but he does have a softer side.

With so important experience of working in a platoon, Ethan says he’ll make the redundant trouble to make sure everyone is okay and that keeping the platoon morale over is integral to the success of any mission.

However, Ethan would like to give back to his parents to thank them for supporting him, If he won a significant quantum of plutocrat.

10) Lottie

 Age 20 / Location Cornwall

Lotti is born and bred in Cornwall, growing up in a small vill near the seacoast. She’s presently studying for a degree in broadcast journalism, having moved to London when the epidemic put pay to her gap time plans.

Lotti says she thrives under pressure and is a social butterfly who can make musketeers with anyone. She says she’s frequently undervalued as a megacity girl who does n’t want to break a nail, but she was raised in the wild country and she’s not hysterical to get wedged in.

Lotti is a born leader and says it’s a part she naturally gravitates towards. She’s prepared to go as far as she can to win and will bend the rules if requirements be.

11) Keira

 Age 24 / Location Wrexham

Keira is in training for the Paris 2024 Paralympics to represent Team GB in taekwondo. She had her left arm reattached when she was 21 following an accident when she was 15 and says the decision to reattach was the stylish decision she ever made.

Keira copes well under pressure and she’s stubborn. It took her a time to learn how to tie her hair up one handed and six months to learn to do her shoelaces “ It may take me longer to get there, but I’ll get there ”.

Keira now works as a public speaker and is a disability minister, speaking in seminaries about equivalency and diversity and to big pots about adaptability and change.

12) Frankie

 Age 30  / Location – London

Canadian– born Frankie lives and workshop in London; he’s the author and CEO of a speech and debate company. Frankie was preliminarily listed in Forbes 30 Under 30, he’s a former Mr Canada and he also got to the final of Mr Universe.

But effects have n’t always been great for Frankie, he was bullied at academy for being gay and he did n’t have the most privileged parenting, which has given him the drive to exceed.

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Frankie describes himself as threat taker and the poppet master in a group. He says he can achieve nearly anything but the one thing he ca n’t do is make! He’ll do anything to win, he does n’t need the plutocrat but will take it anyway.

13) Crystal

 Age 52 / Location – Liverpool

Bio Demitasse grew up in a small city in Somerset before moving to Brighton at the age of 23 where she set up her true tone.

She has no time for prevaricators, cheats or people who suppose they ’re better than others. She says she’s a “ good friend but not the stylish adversary ” and you do n’t want to get on the wrong side of her. Crystal is extremely competitive and plays to win “ If someone wants to play dirty, I’ll play unprintable. ”

Crystal passed full gender reassignment surgery at the age of 30 and describes her life since transitioning as various. Crystal admits she’s severely honest and does n’t have a sludge, which can occasionally get her into trouble.

14) Rikaya

 Age 30 / Location Liverpool

Liverpool– born Rikaya moved to London in her early 20s with just£ 400 and now runs her own fashion business and teaches yoga, as well as working day to day as an estate agent.

Rikaya is largely competitive and does n’t like people who take themselves too seriously and do n’t have a sense a humour.

Rikaya says she’s fully bonkers and over for anything and thinks her positive approach to running a platoon enables her to be a strong leader.

She does n’t have any time for cheats,either.However, she’d open her own yoga plant, If Rikaya won the cash.

15) David

 Age 36 / Location South Wales

 Lorry motorist David is a cocky chappy who describes himself as a “ Karl Pilkington type character, groaning about most effects in life.

David grew up in a small Welsh city and admits to being relatively narrow- inclined, but hopes being taken out of his comfort zone will do him the world of good. He says his opinioned nature and incapability to suppose before he speaks can get him into trouble.

David is veritably competitive and will do whatever it takes to win, he’s in the competition for himself and would use the prize to start a new life. David admits he struggles to hold down a relationship and the main woman in his life is his mum.

16) Alim 

 Age 31 / Location – London 

 Alim is a “ hard of hail, English/ Indian, queer, Muslim ”. Both his parents are deaf and he works professionally as a sign language practitioner.

As one of the only hail people in his family, Alim took on the part of the part of practitioner at a youthful age and has only lately been diagnosed as hard of hearing himself, which he set up delicate to come to terms with.

Growing up, Alim plodded with his fornication and his culture but is now in a place where he feels he can take on anything. Alim describes himself as a leader and a meditator as well as a bit of a control freak.

He’s extremely competitive and would like to win enough plutocrat to help good causes in The bridge show.

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