The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever’: Kate Bush fans gather in red dresses to dance for joy

For those who grew up listening to her music, Kate Bush has always been an icon. And thanks to his 1985 hit Running Up That Hill, featured in Stranger Things on Netflix, a whole new generation has now been introduced to his unique, ethereal sound.

While it climbed to an impressive number three on its first release, this time the song shot straight to number one, beating Harry Style’s megahit As Era

. “Everybody’s gone crazy!Kate, who turns 64 today, told BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour: “It’s just extraordinary. It’s a great series. I thought  the song would draw everyone’s attention.

So exciting, it’s actually quite shocking, isn’t it?Tonight we will see Kate celebrated in a three hour special on BBC2.

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And while it’s no surprise that Millennials and Gen Z are wowed by her see-through style, it’s surprising  that this happened 37 years after the song was first released.

Hundreds of Kate Bush fans dressed in red gathered in Sydney Park  to dance to the singer’s 1978 hit, Wuthering Heights. Stranger Things from Netflix.

While the day is a celebration of Bush’s song, it also coincides with her birthday and the red dresses pay homage to her costume in the Wuthering Heights music video.

The event was non-profit and served as a fundraiser for the NSW Women’s Legal Service. The annual event is now taking place in cities around the world, inspired by a 2013 artwork by Shambush in Brighton, England.

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