Shocking Why Travis Barker hospitalized for pancreatitis

I can tell you it’s an extremely painful condition the inflammation of the pancreas it affects further men than women men generally in their 30s and 40s Travis barker is 46.

drummer Travis barker does not typically shoot out tweets like this one god save me but supposedly it was done while suffering from pancreatitis a condition that causes extreme stomach pain vomiting and nausea pancreatitis

Refers to inflammation of the pancreas it’s generally touched off by commodity dr suhail salem does not treat travis barker but he’s a gastroenterologist complications can be immediate complications which could include respiratory failure order failure and other complications which are acute ferocious care unit type of complications and other people can develop

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Excrescencies in the pancreas that can take months to resolve on tuesday travis was rushed to cedar sinai medical center in los angeles by his side his new woman

kourtney kardashian his son alabama also posted on social media please shoot your prayers pancreatitis is a enough common problem in general while tmz is reporting travis’s croakers

believe his pancreatitis could have been touched off by a recent colonoscopy dr salem says if that happed it’s extremely rare though

There are corridor of the colon that do run alongside the pancreas the tail of the pancreas and theoretically if a colonoscopy was veritably delicate or there was some extenuating circumstances.

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Rubbing up against that part of the pancreas could potentially irritate it from the outside although again it’s exceedingly rare.

Nearly unheard of to be honest with you Dr Salem says the more common triggers include inordinate use of alcohol gallstones and certain specifics he does not want people to worry about getting a colonoscopy overall is a veritably safe low threat medical procedure.

It’s a life- saving medical procedure for precluding colon cancer which is the fourth deadliest cancer that we face the good news for Travis the maturity of People with pancreatitis completely recover after treatment that means soon.

He will be back at it again doing what he does stylish( Music) and on social media numerous of his suckers are transferring their studies and prayers wishes for a speedy recovery.

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We clearly wish him a speedy recovery.

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