Why Fan Upset Over “She-Hulk” New trailer

Thor Love and Thunder, I’m not more tête-à-tête agitated about a Marvel design than the forthcoming She- Gawk series on Disney. Moment was a great day for suckers of the Big Green Queen Jennifer Walters aka She- Gawk as we now have a release date of August 17th, 2022, a new totem, a new bill, and a caravan for the show!

She-Hulk” New trailer

“Where is the respect for VFX artists? The vast majority of people don’t have the slightest idea as to how difficult of a job it is. Complaints about the CGI in a trailer are the most ridiculous nitpicking I’ve seen from Marvel fans. #SheHulk.”
But that’s not all! I also have a couple of documentations for characters who I was suitable to confirm with sources the identity of in the caravan.
I can also simply partake about a NEW character that’s supposedly also in the show.
So please read on!
While there has been some review formerly that maybe the CGI on She- Gawk herself is n’t relatively “ ready” yet, she still looks fantastic and I just love the delightful take on the character so far. There are numerous casts of known, unknown, and bruited characters throughout which I’ll talk about in a moment. In the meantime, check out the caravan below.

Given and officially blazoned actors/ characters seen appearing with Tatiana Maslany include Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/ Gawk, Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky/ Abomination, of course.
Still, you’ll be disappointed, If you were hoping for Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock would appear in this caravan. Still, rest assured he’s coming, as I preliminarily indicated via this composition in March.

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Another who was preliminarily known to be in it’s Jameela Jamil. Her character is believed to be Titania. Then she’s in the caravan giving us the first look at her as the supervillain set to give She- Gawk a hard time.
While he didn’t appear in the caravan, I’m also pleased to see that Benedict Wong was also verified to be in the series via a press release moment. Those who follow me on Twitter will recall I posted that Wong would return for She- Gawk reverse in March.

As for the NEW stuff! There were a couple of images of new characters that I know people on Twitter are formerly guessing ( rightly) but I was suitable to singly confirm with sources who they are. Then we go!
I’ve verified via my sources that yes, this is The Stranding Crew. You may recall this was the veritably first exclusive I posted on this point when it launched on July 3, 2021. You can read further about the Wrecking Crew in the comics then.

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Next over. I’m told by a veritably reliable source that the character pictured from the caravan over is Frog-Man. Those of you guessing about that on Twitter, stroke yourselves on the reverse. It’s true!
As for my veritably prickly exclusive! I’ve also heard from a reliable source that “ a porcupine man” will be appearing in the She- Gawk series as well!

This character was n’t seen in the caravan, but probably is a interpretation of either Marvel character Alexander Gentry or Roger Gocking who both went by Porcupine and wore the Porcupine armor.
That’s it! What do you suppose of the new She- Gawk caravan? Let us know in the commentary or on social media!

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