Wincent Weiss: Is this pretty blonde his new girl?

Wincent Weiss has a gal again, he let his suckers know at a musicale.

But who turned his head? This enough squeeze is his new bone
Wincent Weiss is taken again, sorry girls. The songster and “ The Voice kiddies ” trainer blazoned this to his suckers during a musicale. notoriety wanted to partake their happiness with the world?

still, the darling of the public didn’t reveal exactly who it was. Now the secret of the unknown lady of the heart seems to be revealed

Wincent Weiss is supposedly happy and in love again after depression
After a depressive and lonely phase in 2019, everything is eventually fine for Wincent Weiss his career is going 1 A, his reader “ perhaps eventually ” stayed at number 1 for 27 weeks and he’s presently enjoying his stint through Germany.

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On June 10, 2022, he also revealed to his suckers during a musicale that he’s also further than happy intimately “ I ’ll let the cat out of the bag now. I ’m taken, I’ve a gal. ” Tie- bang! First shock for numerous girls.

After his separation from a woman named Yvonne in 2017 and five times of being single, the passions of the “ Feuerwerk ” practitioner eventually made fireworks again According to information from the “ Bild ” review, it’s an Ann- Sophie Kimmich. Vincent Weiss is taken!

He has New Girlfriend
endless single Wincent Weiss lets love lemon burst
Wincent Weiss is from the single request! He let this love news be blazoned by the way and explains “ I ’ll let the cat out of the bag now. Yes, well I ’m taken, have a gal. ”
The enough golden is a passionate dressage rider and is still relatively unknown. About,000 followers follow her on Instagram – including some Wincent Weiss suckers.

The songster allegedly took her with him to the Chio equestrian event in Aachen( June 24 to July 3) and wanted to show his new honey on the red carpet for the first time.

Unfortunately, the star guest had to cancel at short notice.

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