You Don’t Know About This ! Kim kardashian’s Three Marriages

From the outside Kim kardashian’s life looks perfect from an endless supply of money to the most adorable children.

She has it all but there’s more than meets the eye as she’s not so lucky with her relationships she might be a superstar but she’s also a human coming to her third failed marriage Kim’s not feeling her best.

Everyone knows about Kanye west and might remember Chris Humphries from keeping up with the kardashian’s but there was a third marriage for kim and better yet her first marriage.

What happened behind the scenes of that one i cannot believe it we did it celebrity couple Kim kardashian and kanye west’s six-year-long marriage and an 8 yearlong love story comes to an end as the couple have filed for divorce

Kim And kanye got married in May 2014 in a lavish ceremony lasting a whole weekend guests invited were told the wedding would take place in paris.

However once they arrived everyone was flown to Florence for the ceremony it was a fairy tale wedding with a flower wall to die for while some may find the pairing odd the two go way back according to Kim’s recollection

She met kanye while tagging along with pop star brandy who was recording a song with kanye kim was married to her first husband Damon Thomas.

Then while the two knew each other than the timing wasn’t right as they were with other people later Kim noted.

She wished she would have involved herself with kanye so much earlier to avoid heartache not until 2012

And after two marriages for kim did the two start dating seriously kim reportedly had to hide the wedding ring Humphreys gave her while she dated kanye between 2012 and 2013.

Don’t steal my show little man the pair went on to have four adorable children together north saint Chicago and psalm and they renewed their vows in 2019

On their five-year anniversary the ceremony was in their backyard with many of the original wedding attendees there and of course their family and friends.

While it was kept private and off air we got to hear the first line of their vows Kim told kanye you are my husband you are my best friend my biggest believer and my one true love but she filed for divorce in February this year and ditched her 1.3 million dollar wedding ring

It came out after it was revealed the couple was struggling with their relationship in quarantine it emerged that the pair had had a huge row in early December in which kanye blew up at Kim.

The couple had been living apart and were showing signs of trouble for a significant period of time insiders told the sun that in the summer of 2020 kim wouldn’t abandon kanye until he gets help with his mental health

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But she knew her marriage was over a long time ago though the couple has had a nasty split.

Things have been as amicable as a divorce can be Kim is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s four kids.

That kanye is fine with the joint custody arrangement and is committing to co-parenting together documents say that there is a Prenup and neither party is contesting.

That they are already far along in reaching a property settlement agreement kim has been hesitant to open up about her relationship woes on the show.

She finally sheds some light on the reason for the divorce during a recent episode of keeping up with the kardashians  after kim lashed out at her family about cookies.

That were gifted to them during their lake Tahoe vacation i want to go to my room never come out khloe kardashian suggested her outburst stemmed from somewhere else according to chloe kim has been struggling privately behind the camera about her relationship.

You know sometimes you just take things out on something that has nothing to do with what you’re going and there was a lot of

Frustration sadness and anger this anymore Kim and kanye had fought before the lake Tahoe vacation Kim said my steel in this like place.

Where I’m stuck for years like he goes and moves to a different state everywhere i have to be like together.  

I can raise the kids you know he’s an amazing dad he’s done an amazing job even with chloe reassuring her kim

Eventually reaches a breaking point she noticeably sobbed harder about her marriage to kanye west coming to an end saying she couldn’t do it anymore

she continued i think he deserves someone that can go support his every move and go follow him all over the place and move to Wyoming kim.

Who was previously married to Damon Thomas and Chris Humphries added he should have a wife that supports his every move and travels with him and does everything according.

After kanye blew up at kim and she was really upset their relationship seemingly never healed after the argument the ending of Kim’s relationship with kanye is very different from her previous marriage most keeping up with the kardashians fans remember Chris Humphries he was kim’s second husband where the pair were married for 72 Days in 2011.

The relationship went down as one of the shortest marriages Hollywood has ever seen the beauty mogul and professional basketball player hadn’t even known each other for a year before tying the knot years later.

Kim confessed why she felt like she had to go through with the wedding kardashian west had been in New York when a mutual friend of the two

Jordan farmer who happened to be a teammate of Chris’s introduced the couple the couple hit it off and their relationship moved quickly after about six months of dating Humphreys proposed.

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It was filmed for an episode of keeping up with the kardashians the wedding took place four months later though kim was head over heels at first the producers and her own family didn’t think she should go through with the wedding.

The producers actually mentioned to her that she didn’t seem truly happy with Humphreys the day before the wedding her mother Kris Jenner told her she didn’t have to do.

It this isn’t for you she said to Kim and kanye who had been good friends with kim for a long time was even texting before the wedding trying to convince her not to go through with it.

But kim was determined to make It happen she later admitted that the last thing she wanted was for people to think it had been a publicity stunt Kim admitted.

She was feeling the pressure of getting older which made her want to go through at the wedding at 30 years old.

She thought marriage was the right thing to do to get her act together her friends were having kids and she thought it was time for her too I’m 30 years old i better get this together.

I better get married the wedding was lavish even by Kim standards and cost 10 million dollars with the cake alone costing 20 thousand dollars many still believe the wedding was a big publicity stunt part of it was.

How the proposal was filmed twice because Kim originally didn’t like her first expression however Chris has insisted it was real and described his experience as brutal and embarrassing in an open essay for the player’s tribune after his retirement from basketball.

The former NBA player wrote i should have known what i was getting into i was definitely naive about how much my life was going to change but our actual relationship was 100 real.

When it was clear that it wasn’t working what can i say it sucked chris claimed the public nature of their relationship and subsequent divorce put a huge strain on his mental health due to the publicity.

It was hard for him to face his friends and family while chris looked to get his marriage to kim annald in December 2011 it actually took until June 2013 before the divorce was legally finalized.

How kim feels about chris is complicated she recently disclosed she doesn’t want to explain her second marriage to her Kids i’m just not ready for the kids to see it yet and it’s likely she doesn’t want to explain her first marriage either for kim’s first husband.

She eloped with him before she got famous this was before she was hanging out with Paris Hilton and before keeping up with the kardashians in 2000.

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When kim was 19 she eloped with music producer Damon thomas who was 10 years her senior.

He’s best known for his work with Harvey mason Jr. in their production group the underdogs the pair have worked with high profile artists like Lionel Richie pink Chris brown and r Kelly Damon.

Has also helped produce several movies like the help and dream girls details about how they met are unclear but the two fell for each other hard however the marriage wasn’t a blissful one three years after their union Thomas

Filed for divorce according to court documents kim stated their separation was due to physical and emotional abuse she went into details on keeping up with the kardashians

Such things include that she wasn’t allowed to leave the house unless she told him when and where she was going if he wasn’t home she had to call him to ask to leave the house other things include not letting her go.

To the mall even with friends kim has said Damon decided what we would do and when we would do it he was very much king of the castle.

He’s even reportedly the reason why Kim started getting cosmetic surgery after he promised to make her perfect and pressured her into getting liposuction paying three thousand six hundred and fifty dollars for the procedure

Damon then splashed more than one thousand dollars on further surgeries on Kim’s body the controlling behaviour by Damon eventually turned physical.

According to court documents filed during the divorce Thomas called the allegations very upsetting when they resurfaced in 2010.

He’s claimed he was the victim in the relationship and accused kim of making up the allegations in a bid to get a lot of money.

He also insists that kim cheated on him and he was the one to end their marriage it was during this time kanye met kim in 2002.

Apparently he felt a magnetic attraction to her even though she was married to her then husband Kim even began dating singer ray j with whom she made the infamous video with prior to the completion of her divorce

Since her marriage with Damon Kim has become free and much happier even though her marriages have come to an end she’s a mogul to a multi-million dollar empire and a proud mom of four since her separation from kanye.

She’s focusing more on her kids herself and her empire if Kim decides to marry again that’s up to her and we are proud of her either way

Do you think Kim will marry again will the 4th time be the charm let us know in the comments.

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