You Missed In Picard’s Season 2 Finale Leaves Behind Question

Nemesis where he had seemingly rejoiced Starfleet that was a surprising turn of events considering that Wesley had previously renounced.
His commission in the season seven episode journey’s end in that episode he’d grown tired of Starfleet and left his life behind to explore the universe with the mysterious alien called the traveller.
It seems now that star trek Picard is treating his Starfleet return in nemesis with a wink as Wesley announces that he has indeed
Become a traveler himself referencing the events of journey’s end.
We also get a stunning revelation that rewrites more than 50 years of star trek lore because wesley is more than just a traveler.
He reveals that he and others like him are responsible for the supervisors like Gary seven first seen in the original series episode assignment earth in the final moments of the season 2 finale farewell.
We learned the identity of the strange borg woman who arrived on the stargazer in the season premiere revealed to be the gerardi queen created through picard’s intervention in 2024.
she has arrived looking for help from the federation according to her there is a dangerous new threat that only the combined efforts of her board collective and starfleet can solve once she declares the dangers.
She brings up a star chart on the stargazer’s view screen filled with plenty of star trek easter eggs from benzard to draelax but one stands out as particularly meaningful.
the star system maxia can be clearly seen when the chart first appears and it’s a system well known to picard do you not remember.
The battle of maxia as revealed in the star trek the next generation first season episode the battle it’s at maxia that picard had a fateful encounter with the perengi while he was captain of the original.
Stargazer in a brutal defeat the stargazer was seemingly destroyed but picard used clever tactics to save his crew including a death strategy.
That became known as the picard maneuver eventually known by the perengi at least as the battle of maxia.
It resulted in picard being court-martialed after the loss of his ship leaving a major stain on his otherwise impeccable service record of course he would be somewhat redeemed in the battle.
When the stargazer was discovered intact and used as part of a revenge plot by ferengi diamond bach for the death of his son at the battle of maxia of course.
The next easter egg is what the gerani queen discovers as the danger to the galaxy a massive spatial anomaly that erupts with incredible energy.
Thanks to the use of the federation fleet and board technology they’re able to avert a catastrophe but in the aftermath something new and curious is created a transwarp conduit seven of nine being a former board drone recognizes the phenomenon right away.
A nod to the events of star trek voyager where trans work conduits were seen several times with seven having expert knowledge of their fundamental nature used by the borgs for interstellar travel transwarp conduits can be created by borg vessels themselves to travel vast distances in an instant 7 of 9 notes that this new conduit is unlike
Any ever seen before and it seems that even the jaradi queen with her centuries of collective knowledge is confounded by it.
What you see is a piece of the puzzle whose final image is unclear but is tied to a threat one which requires close observation.
Who or what created this transwarp conduit or for what purpose remains to be seen and could form the basis for the upcoming third season of star trek
Picard star trek isn’t just known for its characters stories and one-liners but also features some of pop culture’s most famous musical themes.
The original star trek opening title music has become indelibly etched into the public consciousness while the rousing march from star trek the motion picture aka the next generation’s theme music isn’t far behind for decades star trek has employed one of the movie industry’s
Best composers Jerry goldsmith and farewell features another of his star trek themes in its closing moments while Picard and his crew along with his old friend gaining trust each other at the end of the episode.
We hear the unmistakable theme from star trek first contact a recognizable tune it played at the close of that film as well as when Zefram Cochrane made first contact with alien visitors a vulcan survey ship here it’s used a good effect in a scene that
In some ways mirrors the final scene of the next generation with Picard joining his crew in a casual setting to say goodbye for decades.
Star trek has always pointed to earth as a near utopia with several episodes and movies describing it as a literal paradise in star trek first contact the crew travels back to 2063.
It said that in the years that follow earth would cure many of its worst ills from poverty and disease to pollution and war visiting gaining outer bar on earth back in the 25th century Picard asked for an update on rios.
Who stayed behind in 2024 to be with Dr Teresa and her son gainen then tells picard about the rest of rio’s life.
How he died in the bar fights as an old man but it’s what became of dr theresa’s son that provides an answer to a long time trek mystery.
According to gaian young ricardo grew up to be a scientist and in concert with renee picard’s discovery of a unique alien organism on europa helped devise new ways of treating and solving the earth’s pollution problem.

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